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  1. I think I started the KBS thread from curiosity I have used it and so far only coated about 10 lures all that are used by me in tourneys I can only paint in me garage which is unheated in Ohio winters I can't paint. Durability was great Looks was great except when I used a lure turner 3rpm I had bubbles around eyes and hook hangers although that bubbled up lure won a boat load of money it held up. I dipped my lures once I dipped a dt6 twice that fished and held up great but had a nuetral buoyancy Storing hasn't been a problem yet but I haven't opened it since September so I will let you know ASAP
  2. Helping to dry the paint with a hair dryer or heat gun for multiple reasons To add the next color To prevent smearing To aid adhesion Etc
  3. M@TT

    New Here!

    Obviously your a bowtech fan as I am also I shoot a patriot as for the fishes it a different arsenal if I can help or merely pass on info I will. welcome to TU.
  4. M@TT

    Brush Jig

    I can't say I'm an expert all I know really comes from trial and error. I think that is why I'm successful. I fish tourneys so I need to learn from mistakes and learn fast. I prefer the 3/8 ounce brush jig I can feel it better In all situations windy, grass, rocks, wood, and current. I have caught plenty of fish in grass with these jigs but if I was fishing deep grass in appx. 12ft I would use a 1/2- 3/4 ounce jig merely so I could easily punch my way through to the fish. I hope this helps.
  5. M@TT

    Brush Jig

    I fish and make my own brush jig 1/4 ounce are the worst but if you add a trailer or chunk it slows the fall allowing the head to hit first or softer letting it stand upright
  6. I use it for jigs spinnerbaits etc but for a crankbait your wasting your time.
  7. I have yet tried any DN products but want to. When I started painting I couldn't get any DN so I never got to try it. I started using KBS I am as of right now satisfied with it and it is readily available. Price is my concern I'm sure I will find a DN that will work for me ( I now have 3 choices). My KBS is. 32.95 a pint 48.95 a gallon I admire your connection with your customers or should I say your fellow fisherman so if price is fair count me in for the new DN2
  8. I use them in every thing from my tackle to big 1lb bags in and around the garage in spare motors etc. I couldnt tell you exactly how the work but I assume it's in the same manner as the inhibitor strips. Absorption.
  9. Yeah is there any black fish fridays
  10. I tournament fish a lot and have caught numerous bass with the random black spots. Always in the fall. Water temp at or near 57 degrees. Fish were caught in as little as 1ft clear up to 12ft of water. As for the slapping of your lure it is to wound there prey (mainly shad this time of year) as to come back to eat a easy meal. Or you are fishing deep in amongst several fish fighting to get the lure. Great discussion hope we have more responses.
  11. M@TT


    I love the color. It would work great for me in Ohio. I bought about a100 bandit translucent red and orange craw. It is a discontinued color but there are a few in your ma and pop tackle stores if you find them you should grab them up. There was some on eBay not to long ago.
  12. It may seem off the wall but it works for me. I use clear packing tape. I double it up before I cut my template. I use the clear so I can see through to better position my template. I dunno it works for me.
  13. I do not troll but if I was a troller for walleye or stripper etc. My lure would have a significant amount of time in the water correct. So my guess is if you are a troller or KVD the new DN is a flop.
  14. M@TT

    Columbia Coatings

    Awesome detail. The glitter tip I was wondering about but never asked as you said every glitter I have tried burns so I will have to try Parma Thank you very much if you think I may be able to help you please ask.
  15. I cant find watermelon paint at CC. What color do I need to get light watermelon or watermelon shades.
  16. They make heat resistant tubing to put over the weed guard I just ordered some from janns but I have yet to try it I also want to mold my guards in.
  17. Sounds like you need a map to the fire extinguisher. LOL. Sorry over my head.
  18. I currently use KBS diamond finish clear coat it's an automotive grade clear but it is a one part moisture cure.
  19. I agree with Bobp and if you find some I want some of it.
  20. ready for spring already

  21. M@TT

    Dn Samples

    No reply here so I started using KBS.
  22. I haven't opened it for about a month so it's to early for me to say it has been fine every time so far lasting nearly 3 months to date. I give my word as I learn with this stuff so will all of you a TU. I owe all of you for helping me.
  23. Full strength I rotate in my hand a little then hang to drip dry. I got bubbles like crazy once putting them on the lure dryer. once in a while I got bubbles around the eyes. It was very humid and was using water base paint so I tossed it up to that.
  24. I haven't coated any new lures yetbut the ones I did coat I fished all year. Some had bubbles some didn't they all held up good. I fish tourneys and can't complain on the durability of the coating. Bass tourneys that is. One thing I noticed is a dt6 rapala with two dips very slowly sinks but doesn't seem to hinder action just fishes a little deeper than 6 ft.
  25. All I use is quantum reels I have 10 energy reels I use daily. The best all round quality and service you will ever find. Fishing tourneys as myself I need that. Without a doubt the reel should serve you well for years to come.
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