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  1. Yea I think it does help, thanks. I'll give it a try for a few and see how it goes.
  2. OK guys, thanks for the replies. I have been away for a while. Pretty much confirmed my thoughts on this matter. I have started using D2T for a wide array of minor home repairs since signing up to this board, thanks to you guys. I also have use D2T just a small bit with the weedguards. The stuff I get is quick acting and comes in 2 parts to be mixed equally. It is thick like cold molasses. As far as coating the jig with it to enhance the finish, can someone explain how it's done? I mean do you apply it in the thick form with a brush? It seems like it would be too thick to get a nice even coating. I would like to try a little of this method for my own evaluation. I just need some pointers to get me started. Thanks, Steve
  3. Guys, I'm pretty new to this. I have been able to powder paint to my satisfaction. I know it will get better with practice. My method is to preheat each jig individually with a hot air blower, swish in the powder, and then in the oven to cure for about 25 minutes at 350degrees. These jigs get one coat and I am doing better with the uniformity of the whole process. What I am curious about is this. After this paint process do you guys also paint them again with a sealer or a clear coat of some sort? Do you use a powder to do this or spray something? Is it like a 2 part mix? I could use feedback on this as I need to determine if this is the next appropriate step in building a good jig or if this is overkill. The jigs I make are for bass fishing. All feedback is much appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  4. OK, thanks. That's where I have been getting them.
  5. I went to this site but I didn't see skirt tabs in particular. Maybe I just didn't know where to look. Thanks Steve
  6. Some of the guys use Devcon 2 Ton epoxy which is 2 parts. I use it a little for the weedguards. It works. Since I bought a bit of it I've repaired many things around the house with it. It is some strong stuff. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Here is a pic from a few I tied this afternoon. I used this arrangement with the fan once and it turned out fine. The jigs didn't have any deposits on the jig head. I hope these turn out good also.
  8. OK I'll give it a try. I'm sort of embarrassed to because it's simply to point a fan on them while they are drying. I'll get a pic.
  9. Well, I've been gone for a bit. My computer crashed and I haven't solved that issue yet. I have to negotiate with the wife for time on her PC, LOL . Anyway I built some jigs the other day and used the superglue gel for the weedguards. I placed a fan blowing directly on them and the next day when I checked them they were just fine. I now have a location set up for that part of the process. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. A fan ? Brilliant ! I'll try it next time. Thanks Steve
  11. I am using Super glue gel. So far I am satisfied with the adhesion qualities. I glue lots of weedguards at a time. Maybe 50 or 100. When I come out the next day to check the process the jig heads always have a cloudy film on them. I assume it's some sort of a gas or vapor deposit as part of the curing process. It seems to wipe off OK but it's a pain. Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks, Steve
  12. Smalljaw, thanks for the feedback. I am using a hot air blower for preheating. I'll give it a shot as you describe and see how it goes. I see you are in Pennsylvania. My wife is applying for work there. We'll see. Thanks, Steve
  13. I too have been helped many times with this forum which includes Ted speaking up and offering useful assistance. I am grateful as I still am just a beginner and have much to learn. I have acquired the nylon pins also and they are a great help when pouring the lead but I still haven't quite figured out how to implement them in the painting process . I am left handed. LOL ! Any suggestions?
  14. OK great. I'll be near a BPS and a Cabela's next week so I'll do a little comparing. Mine seem to work OK and I'm sure I didn't pay much for em but I will go give em a closer look. Thanks for the comments, appreciate it.
  15. I only have one pair of split ring pliers. Maybe I should pick up a second pair. Right at the moment they are in the boat but if the ones I have aren't too whippy then maybe a different size or brand will help. I'm curious if my pair is lacking or not. Do you happen to have a brand or suggestion ? I agree that leaving the split ring on is the best route but sometimes I may not be paying close enough attention and sometimes the split ring will rotate when I don't want it to. Thanks, Steve
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