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  1. Side note: anybody notice how nobody puts out a bluegill scent? Now that I think about it, it's probably because you aren't allowed to throw bluegill into your big industrial fish blender thing because they're gamefish.
  2. You just sold me. I'm going to try it on your recommendation. If you say you believe in it then I guess I believe in it, at least for now. I usually fish Shad Assassins (rather than Senkos) and struggle to get more than 2 fish out of a bait. Maybe this'll help out with durability. The spare change saved is something...but the time I spend rigging these just right so they'll catch fish is something else! My garlic tolerance is low. My SK 3x lizards are bad enough. Might have to check out that shad/ anise flavor. Have you tried crawfish? If you have, does it stink? I always tell people you can't outrun a bass with your lure. One day, standing on the bank, I saw a small bass dart about 15 feet from a dead standstill, crush a minnow, turn on a dime, dart back 15 ft to his resting spot precisely, and come to a dead stop. All within the span of a fraction of a second - maybe 1/25 or so if I was forced at gunpoint to guess.
  3. You see a lot of talk on forums and articles in bass rags about scents, and it usually terminates something like "bass can't smell oil in water, because oil is not water soluble" or "those droplets aren't small enough for bass to detect". Most admit that, with a good scent, bass will hold on longer. But isn't it possible bass and other gamefish can taste the trail of oil in the water as they take water into their mouths and it passes out the gill? I've notice bass tend to start doing this as they approach a lure (that hasn't been hit with scent), sometimes even snapping the jaws a bit. I have NEVER heard or read anything about this line of thinking...how bass might taste the attractant from a few feet away. Could this induce a strike? Because what really matters is results on the water: whether a good scent will put more bass in the boat. Not whether remaining in the "theory A" box would logically seem to lead to the probably of more bites. I've been thinking about maybe getting a bottle of Kick 'n Bass, or maybe some Bang or megastrike. Been having a hard time deciding because a lot of the talk on forums sounds like a paid endorsement for brand x, and I'm not sure how low brand x would stoop to boost their product. A lot of it just seems a bit suspicious, like they are actually trying to sell it for somebody!
  4. NEVER buy a rod or reel made from soft plastic!
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about 3d eyes affecting the action. I never have liked Rapala eyes. I would just drill the eye sockets a little deeper so the eye is nearly flush when installed.
  6. blazt*


    Super hog clone? Those things drive bass nuts, as I found out trying them out for the first time less than a year ago after someone gave me some. Nice color there.
  7. Isn't the DT a through - wire bait? I mean is it made of 2 halves, glued together? Could they be seperated somehow at the seam?
  8. I wish I could do the whole thing as well as you do. I just don't get along with the method. Maybe I'll give it another shot, someday. A long ways off from today.
  9. Problem is you never see a top profile in run of the mill stock photos, which I would need. I spent a lot of time on working with profile pics before I gave up on it. Mega pain. I mean I'm an experienced am photographer but just found it too hard. Having a printed out photo of a traced outline was so much easier to work from because there was much stronger contrast and it just wasn't so hard on the eyes. My pics always seemed to be off center a bit compared to either a trace (photo'd , then printed) or photos of a split bait laid nicely flat on its side. I think I've seen the DT pics you're talking about - are they like an X- ray? Maybe if took the time to dig out my good camera I might get better results, but If you happen to run across the pic, could you post it? Do you know if the plastic ballast shell thing has a seam going around the center? Do you think splitting a balsa bait would be otherwise not a problem if it weren't for the plastic piece?
  10. blazt*


    Sorry, no longer for sale. Thanks.
  11. Heh Heh, just had to do a slight continuation of the old "Duplicating Plastic Cranks...Out of Wood?" thread because I have a Rapala DT and other wooden baits I'd like to copy. Splitting a plastic bait down the seam (left behind by the molding process) and tracing or photographing the profile is easy enough, but I'm not sure how to approach these wooden baits. What I want to do is split the bait lengthwise down the center, trace out the side profile, the split again down the side at the centerline to produce four quarters. This way both side and top profiles can be photo'd or traced, my choice, because stabilizing and centering a bait with rounded sides for a photo proved to be so tedious I gave up on it. Anyhow...is there a preffered method for splitting a wooden crank into quarters without removing so much material (as I'm afraid a saw would do) that the dimensions actually get a little smaller? I don't have any power tools to speak of. Probably need a redneck method here. I could sand down half the side of the bait until it reached the center, but that would eliminate the possibility of getting four quarters. Any ideas appreciated.
  12. I think he's too good to burn out - probably just a slump.
  13. Kids seem to have a born love for fishing and fishing tackle. I pull a jig out of my box, or a crank, and sure enough if kids are around they are mesmerized. Girls and boys. They forget where they were going! So what are we doing wrong, then? I'm sure most households with casual fisherman probably made the fishing license and all the tackle the first thing to go from the budget, so it must be at least partially due to the economy. But I do wonder to what extent our sportman heritage is sliding downhill. jerryg, VERY interesting reading on that link you posted. I read some, I'll have to get into it more later.
  14. I don't know about that. America is chock full of sportsmen. But what we need is awareness, then action! But awareness must come first. Like I said: a watchdog group. Sounds like we fell asleep a bit, and were tied to the ground whilst napping.
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