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  1. looking for a Biffle type swinging hook jig mold
  2. Toadslinger

    Swinging hook jig mold

    Looking for a Biffle bug Jig Mold with the swinging hook?
  3. Contact me I have been trying to find a way to make my own Thanks
  4. Diemal, The bait with the double props thats what I am looking to make, I know I can buy some but this is TU so always wanting something different... Dont know what I need to make them but that is exactly what I am looking for. I used to have one my grandfather built but he was a machinist and now I wish I still had it back to make it...any info would be great Thanks T
  5. Anyone ever design their own props for top water baits. ? looking for just a few ideas
  6. have some of those and Ill give you the best and easiest place to look at it 1st hand , look at strike kings lures in the catalog or anyone who seels those bait..... is actually and exactly called "Rootbeer" color....You can even go pic one up to look at it.is exactly that hope this helps
  7. Toadslinger

    lure 011

    anyone have a tutorial on photo finishing that is all to new to me but would love to learn how!!!! I like that alot
  8. what are you making your blanks out of
  9. Toadslinger


    how are you getting that look ........looks awesome
  10. Toadslinger

    lure 011

    looks great tell me more of how you got that pattern and PVC wood ? what did you clear coat it with great job ....I am a total topwater fanatic how much I may need it
  11. Ill give my 2 cents worth on this with very high respect to the guys who have been doing this long before i even tried it. I had come in here just to learn from you guys to pour some baits, I was having a blast asking some of you mentioned above and how to make things and colors work. But then by chance I have also been trying to make a bait work and still cant figure it out and yes its probably simple and im trying to thing to hard, But I then turned to someone in the manufacturing business and asked about making a design and yes a few months later I seen my bait on the internet and I was pissed. So for the few of you I am willing to share what I am trying to do and have fun with, because if I cant get it right I know with the knowledge yall have its probably simple. So did I get a sour taste in my mouth about the big boys copying it... absolutely, but they sure didnt like me calling them up and saying hey whats up with that. simple phone call turned into a person on the other end saying "make more Ill copy that also. So i just said heck with them. I need help from a few of you guys to make something and Im willing to share what it is, just ask and help me get it done. I didnt come on here to make millions i just came on here to have fun and to learn, But when you have an idea it does suck seeing someone profit off your hard work, and they have alot more money than I do. so I have come to the conclusion of having some of you help me if you will. Thanks T
  12. Well heck I have been sitting here for a year trying to just make something wiggle the way I need it to, I've done so many designs but cant get it right and its a soft plastic type swimbait - do it all type thing. Now I find out I am sitting here with engineers, I guess I need to ask questions!!! Stop guessing and cussing. dang i feel stupid Thanks Cory Maybe you can start with mine
  13. Ive used Bobs and Kevins Baits BasssTackle.com I have never had Kevins roll on me and I have fished them for years great products great molds, If anyone has a smaller version Ill also buy it
  14. can you put a weed guard on that looks great
  15. Toadslinger

    Eel mold

    J do you have a picture of those pm me
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