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  1. Thanks for the info.
  2. I can’t believe after 14 months they are not receiving stock.
  3. Several, but mostly finesse series green pumpkin magic craw and finesse PBJ barbed wire.
  4. One year today. Still out of stock.
  5. I use the Do-t Screw-Loc Jig Mold SRH-6M-SLA, Sz: 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 and a Mustad 38109 45º Wide Gap Flat Eye Jig Hook 4/0. Works perfectly. Its a light wire hook but is a good one. I have caught bass up to 7 pounds on this hook and have never had one break or bend out. The Mustad 38108 is the heaver wire version.
  6. Fishingskirts.com must be a small player in this. I have been wanting to order Finesse Green Pumpkin Magic Craw Dalmatian since September of 2020.
  7. Looking on skirts plus.com would you say that natures edge burnt amber would be a match for fishing skirts.com burnt orange dalmation? Thanks
  8. Would somebody on here who has tons of money start a company here in the U.S. that makes skirt material. This covid crap is killing me. Been wanting to make an order from fishing skirts.com since September of 2020 and 95% of items are still out of stock. Was told in an email to them on February 7 they had an order on the way. It must have got lost. Lurepartsonline can't even keep inventory of their own exclusive colors. And forget about anything that remotely resembles Magic Craw. Sorry for the rant, know its not their fault.
  9. I bought the JKS 3AY. Modified the mold for a Gamy 614 hook and also modified for spring keeper. My friend wanted a casting jig that closely resembles the Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen casting jig. I made him 3 in the colors he wanted so he could try and see if he liked them. He called me two days later and asked me how many I would make him thinking he might want a dozen. He ordered 50. I was pouring and tying jigs all day. I use the medium weed guards from fishing skirts.com because they seem just a bit heaver than the others.
  10. Sorry listed the wrong mold. its the style S
  11. Anyone have this mold that could post a picture of the jig heads side, top and bottom. Does this jig head perform well in cover? Thanks
  12. A friend wants me to make him a skipping jig. I'm thinking a wide bottom is best. Was wondering if this Do-It Style "S" Bass Weedless Jig Mold would do the job. Any one use this mold that could post a picture? Thanks
  13. I have this problem also since I ran out of the lead that used to be used for roof vent pipes. It is frustrating. I just re-dip the head after it cools to just put a dusting on and heat it. If you find a fix let us know.
  14. Thanks for the reply.
  15. rustedhook


    I have an old Uncle Josh SpinRite that I made a Durham water putty mold of and was wondering if anyone would care to guess at wire size wire these were made with and what size Indiana blade? I'm thinking maybe 0.030 wire and maybe a size 3 blade. Thanks
  16. I've used it and like it. It's kind of a brownish tent green pumpkin.
  17. Well don't know where the picture went.
  18. This is an old football head mold. The first thing I did was to pour a head with no hook so I could place back in the mold(put a little oil on it) to stop the JB Weld from getting in the head cavity. I drilled a whole on both sides of the mold just big enough for the clip end. I didn't drill right up to the head as to leave a little of the hook area. Filled the hook area on both sides with JB weld. I over filled just a little and then let the JB weld almost set and then cut it level to the mold surface. Its best to put a film of oil on the razor blade so the JB won't stick to it. Use a little cotton in the whole to make the clip lay as shown and then close the mold tight to make an imprint in the JB weld. This was done to the 1/2 and 3/4 oz. I used a number 3 clip. Hope this helps.
  19. Thanks smalljaw. I'll try the little nasty
  20. Looked on Eagle Claw's web site and it showed the L570VP PRO-V JIG HOOK being available July 2019. Don't see where any one has it. Its listed up to a 4/0 but doesn't show how to buy it.
  21. Wonder if I could get your thoughts on this hook. I'm going to make a mold to fish the Damiki rig on. Going to use a 2/0. Which is the better Eagle Claw or Matzuo? Thanks
  22. Hey folks I started fishing swing jigs this summer with football heads I made. Modified an old mold to accept a Mustad Fastach clip. Been thinking of getting the Do-It swing football mold. It would be easier to modify. I was wandering if any of you fish this head made from this mold. Pros, cons. Do you like the flat bottom or prefer the standard type. Thanks
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