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  1. Yes, I hang them to drip for about 1 minute and then turn on the light
  2. Yes I have and do Nathan. Apply first coat with a brush , leave no excess, cure. If you sand after cure make sure to wipe down part with lacquer thinner, then dip bait for second coat and cure. Comes out smooth as glass. I really like it but the price is too high for my production. I use it for prototyping.
  3. What primer do you use for foam?
  4. The above mentioned test works on any coatings to test adhesion. It’s a simple cheap test.
  5. I know Fred’s grandson and his nephew. They are great people. He built great baits.
  6. The type of Solarez your using has a waxing type agent that comes to the surface during curing to help in curing and never goes away unfortunately.
  7. I worked on this problem with Mike Faupel at Alumilite. The first coat hardens so slick that the second coat does not adhere to the first. Dip a tongue depressor into Alumilite UV 4 inches deep, cure, then redip the tongue depressor in 3 inches deep and cure. Take an exacto knife and slide down the 4 inch part towards the 3 inch part and it will go in between the two and delaminate.
  8. House of Colors, it's pricey but it's true chartreuse!
  9. House of Colors has straight chartreuse
  10. You will find it at www.wtp-inc.com
  11. Check out Witch Tape. I think they have what your looking for in holographic tape.
  12. Hey Mark, Just a side note, LED lights are highly recommended for use around UV cured resins. They don't emit uv light that causes Solarez or products like it to fire. My whole shop is lit with them for that reason.
  13. Hey Guys, Just got off the phone with Gary at Solarez. They have been very busy with the holidays. They are going to get the new product on the website asap. We talked about a name for it and I believe it is going to be Piranha Hide. The product is similar to their Duro Doming Resin except this is formulated to be triple cross linked which is where they get the flexibility. Gary has reservations that many may think that it is too expensive but if you figure the cost, hassle and waste involved with epoxy I think it will be a no brainer. I buy by the gallon so I don't know the quart pricing. I hope this helps!
  14. Yes those are the same issues i had with it. I wish i could help you guys with the new product but nobody at Solarez will as much as return a call now. I don't understand the business model of doing that to your customers but it is what it is. I'm working on 2 other UV suppliers to try to get another product. I'll keep trying!
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