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  1. *WARNING! What DaBehr said, microballoons/microspheres are some nasty stuff. Usually seen as a paint additive and also as an epoxy filler. Should be treated as asbestos dust and avoided like the plague. I recieved training on this stuff in Marine Corps aviation maintenance and later at aeronautics school, it is bad news. Just like asbestos dust it finds its way into the avioli of your lungs and cannot be expelled resulting in mesothelioma. IMHO it should not be available to the general public and limited to licensed personel with proper PPE.
  2. ddl, Have you checked with an electrical or electronics supply? What you describe sounds like it may be designed for a specific use within a certain industry, whichever that may be. I haven't posted here in a while. Heck, I haven't fished in two years. Valentine's Day 2019 was walking on the side of the road that connects to my street. Long story short, I was hit by a drunk driver in an SUV. He went to prison. I went in the hospital for five months, the first month in a coma due to a skull fracture and multiple other injuries. After that more than a year in physical and cognizance therapy. Any
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