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  1. Hey guys, was hoping for some help with a strange problem. We have heads that are made with lead alloy from a spincast machine. No matter what we do - we are getting weird like fish eye look on the heads. it looks like little salt dots on the heads. Absolutely no issues when hand pouring pure soft lead. None at all. only an issue with these spincast heads. Any way to fix this, very frustrated at this point! Thank you
  2. Hey guys! Been head scratching on a faster way to powder paint lots of heads at once other than just 1 at time. Over time, do any of you have some ideas on speeding up the powder paint process? Pics or ideas would be great! - just been chewing on some ideas thank you!
  3. Hey guys, need some 9'' spincast molds made. I know of 1 or 2 options but they can't do the turnaround, they are too busy. Anyone willing to share some people that could help me out with it? Thanks for any help or direction!
  4. bribass

    Lots of Molds for sale!!

    Which mold were you interested in?
  5. bribass

    Lots of Molds for sale!!

    1 Flat Belly worm mold now left
  6. bribass

    Lots of Molds for sale!!

    3 Flat belly worms left, 1 sold Brian
  7. bribass

    Lots of Molds for sale!!

    Hey everyone! Lots of great molds, all in good condition. Many hard to find molds! Just upgrading some stuff so getting rid of the smaller cavity stuff! $6 shipping for first mold then discounted after that Thanks! 8 - 4.25” Bears Hinged Kodiak Kraw Mold - $40ea - Discontinued used to retail $45+ 12 – 3.75” Bears/Ultra Molds Hinged Crazy Craw $34ea retail $43.50 4 – 6” Bears/Ultra Molds Hinged Flat Belly Finesse Worm 5 cavity Molds $70 ea retail $87.25 15 – 4” Bears/Ultra Molds Hinged Kickin Frogs $40ea – Retail $50 6 - Custom made Belly molds to pour the frog belly color easily 6 cavity $35 ea
  8. bribass


    Havent been able to get ahold of him either lately ..
  9. From scratch, adding the dye first then glitter once its ready
  10. Yup! using the shooting start set up with ultra
  11. when I first add the glitter and shoot the first few baits the glitter is fine.... 10 min into the batch its goes down hill and half look blue and half still green and then about 15 more min later its all like an emerald blue and no green to it All while keeping very close attention to temp and making sure I'm shooting at 305 so no where near burning or scorch
  12. Hey Everyone Quick question for some help - I use Spike it Junebug and Spike it Kelly Green Flake and the flake turns blue! Any help with this? I Keep a very close eye on temp as well. When I use the Kelly green in our watermelon candy and GP Candy I have no issues just with the junebug dye.. any suggestions? Is the problem the dye or the glitter or both lol ? Thanks for any input!
  13. Hi Rupert Yup, Ive got that number also.. been calling/txting and leaving messages since Feb 17 Ill call ya again Thanks everyone else for the comments, glad to hear their still going strong just started to get concerned
  14. Nope, Definitely Ultra... Chris and Rupert Cant get either of them to answer a email or a phone call have both their numbers
  15. Has anyone been able to hear from them or get ahold of them? I know they've been busy but its been months now.. Thank you
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