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  1. I requested a sample. I will make a small batch and label them. Less chemicals wouldn't hurt.
  2. Great tip - a sample probably makes most sense. I have ordered from them several times so I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Because the baits I make are a bit larger I usually order a 5 gallon bucket but would hate to find the formula isn't close to the regular 500. thanks for the feed back.
  3. FIrst I want to say hello all. I've been signed up for a while but don't frequent the site often. I did use the search feature and came up blank so forgive me if this topic has been covered but if anyone is familiar with Lure Craft's "Green" Formula could you tell me if it is any different then their original formula (I use the 500 saltwater formula). Jumped on earlier to reorder and the green formula caught my eye. thanks in advance.
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