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  1. Awesome. Thanks for watching and the sub !!!!
  2. Glad you liked the video and learned something !!!!!!
  3. I like Living Rubber Silicone the best... https://www.livingrubber.com/collections/silicone-zm-series
  4. Here is a video I made making Hula Grubs
  5. True, but I'd hate to mod a mold that im not going to use that much and have to cut extra lead every time. If i was to make a bunch of them I'd buy another mold mod it and to make it permanent.
  6. Yeah I was keeping that in mind when I was cutting the wire. Thanks !!!!1
  7. My buddy wanted to make some underspins and liked the Swimbait Head. So we came up with a way to make underspins using the Swimbait Head without having to modifying the mold. I think they came out pretty nice ! Let me know what you think ! https://youtu.be/6J1G2tIqhW4
  8. This is the #1 question I get all the time from people who want to start out making their own jjgs so I put this video together. I hope it helps...
  9. I dont have the ES ripper yet. The high temp spray does work. I still use the ES Swimbait mold that I sprayed in the video. In all honesty, im not sure the finish actually matters that much. yes the shiny looks better, but will it catch more fish?
  10. Pretty close. Only 3.5". I wish they made a bigger one also
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