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  1. Does anyone make a mold for a bait similar to the Damiki Armor Shad?
  2. I’m working with 3 color hand pours and need to keep the cups of plasitol hot & pourable for about 30 minutes. I recall seeing someone’s (maybe Frank) mold made, and formed atop the Hotplate with cavities that fit the cups. How to do that, how well that works and other solutions for keeping 3 separate colors hot enough to pour well are most welcome.
  3. Getting the colors exactly right for each jig is the purpose.
  4. Moved to a different place and had all my shop stuff in storage for several years. I’ve got it all unpacked but missing some parts. I don’t remember what is needed to connect air to the vice. Would welcome the help.
  5. Very familiar with the Excise Taxes & Sales taxes due for retail sales. Mostly wondering if adding soft plastic trailers to a successful jig line would be wise. Pro: Convenient to have craw that matches jig skirt Con: There are so many choices for trailers
  6. I got into this hobby and really went whole hog. Eventually it led to a jig company - 5 fish lures - with some Ozark area pros involvement. I’m now considering adding soft plastic baits to what we offer our stores in the area. While I refuse to be making baits when I could be fishing, it’s possible for me to make a bunch in the winter. I’m seeing bait shop plastic selling at about $.50 per piece. I estimate being able to produce at 10 to 12 cents each, not including labor. I don’t include it because I like doing it. Some of you have been suppliers. I would welcome your thoughts
  7. Thanks for that tip on details for transparency vs opaque
  8. Great looking baits ! Do you mind telling what mold that is and how you rig & fish it?
  9. I have done the math very recently to get an average cost across the variety baits I make, including Swim Baits, Craws, Centipedes, & Soft Stickbaits. That number is $.09 per bait, all in. Obviously smaller could be less and larger more, but colorant, salt, softener, glitter, hi-light powder, and other additives can also shorten that gap. To get true “total cost” one needs to capitalize & deprecate molds, heaters, injectors, scents/oils, packaging & labels, and energy costs. Determining these actual ancillary cost is tricky. For instance: it’s possible to get X number of baits per jar of glitter, or per injector. But you may not use those to their limit. I hope this is helpful, or at least, food for thought.
  10. 260 “trick” worms without any remelt & 400 with the remelts
  11. That was excellent. Thank you, Sir.
  12. Has anyone done the math lately to calculate Plasitol costs per standard 5” Senko style stickbait? I’m using the stickbait as a baseline and don’t know how many can be produced per gallon. If able to know that information it’s easy to divide by the material cost. I’m sure production quantities fall into a range depending on how efficient one is remelting sprues. Thank you
  13. Thank you, Sir ! Just what I’m looking for
  14. I’m looking for a mold to make narrow (0.5”) and short (1.5”) chunk trailers. Help is most welcome
  15. Thanks for sharing. That looks great. I fish a clear water Ozark reservoir and a bait like that might be just right for big Fall bass. Do you attach the twister tail to the stinger hook? In what way do you bend the blades?
  16. I would love to learn from what you have done. I’m retired but worked with engineers and learned so many fascinating things. It was often the best part of my job.
  17. Drop them in very hot water. They become pliable
  18. Painter1


    Does Acetone dissolve soft plastic? I’m setting up my shop again and my shooting star system. I’m sure everything needs a very good cleaning and lube as required. I have access to acetone so wondering if it would work.
  19. I watched Craigslist and picked up a used commercial kitchen range hood, mounted it & vented it through the wall, with a louver against siding. 3 lights on it and it does a great job.
  20. Great idea. Adding a couple small bolts, nuts or washer helps
  21. Thank you, Gentlemen. I don’t know what to pour the material back into after mixing in a 5 gallon bucket. I’ll try the coat hanger.
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