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  1. I have the small size dual pot (2 color capability) that I’m not using. Also some presto pots with stirrers. Im on Bull Shoals lake in Arkansas.
  2. I’m interested to know how you poured the jig with the two stand-up wire legs. Great idea.
  3. Is the method to shoot outer color first with rods in place, remove the rods and then shoot core color? I guess that would need to be done quickly for the plasitol to bond?
  4. Thank you for that link. I moved and am struggling to find my notebook, so this is much appreciated
  5. My operation has been on hold for a variety of reasons but I have a shop again and will be starting up again soon. I have many molds and 2 Shooting Star models (dual color small & large).
  6. Thank you, gentlemen, for the welcomes and the good advice. I have everything in the new shop but now have to organize and set everything up. I haven’t yet found any mixing tool that will fit through the opening of a gallon jug. Suggestions are most welcome. Again, thank you.
  7. I have been away from this hobby for 3 years while rearranging my life after a divorce. I now have a shop again and though it isn’t set up, everything is in there. The jugs of plastic show that the material is separated. Do I need to discard that and order new? I probably need to flush the pots, pipes, etc to get old residue off. Ideas on what to use? thanks. It’s good to be back
  8. I would love to know how you made the mixer. I haven’t had luck with anything I’ve found on the market
  9. I am needing about 8,000 of these hooks in size 1/0. Only place I found them is Barlows. I enjoy dealing with them but thought I would ask if anyone knows another source. I would probably be willing to buy 10k if price is right. Thank you
  10. I did talk to an ex- IRS agent, now in privatepractice, today and I’m good. She took a lot of information, and came back with the news I hoped for and reinforced my understanding. FET is being paid by the company making the jigs in Arkansas based on the price they charge me. If I bought parts, assembled and or fabricated the product FET would be due based on actual “arms-length” price, but someone else is doing that and it does not require a regular filing on my part. If i did that and sold them to the end user I would also owe Sales or Use Tax to either the state it is sold in or the state shipped to. But I sell only wholesale so only need deal with income taxes, Fed & State. i’m paying to have that put in writing.
  11. This from the IRS Guide Who is Liable for the Federal Excise Tax (FET)? IRC 4161 imposes an excise tax on the sale of sport fishing equipment, bows, archery equipment and arrow shafts (exception for certain wooden arrows designed for children effective October 4, 2008). This tax is imposed on the manufacturers (a term which includes producers and importers) of these products. In order to determine the proper taxpayer we must understand how the code defines these terms. Manufacturer:
  12. FET related question. I outsource 100% of the manufacturing and packaging of my jigs to a reputable firm that charges me 10%. FET and it is his firm’s responsibility to pay that tax quarterly. I sell wholesale only. No web sales, no retail sales. Strictly to brick & mortar tackle shops. I am confident, based on reading the IRS guidelines that I don’t owe any FET, as it is clearly due on the first sale of the item - manufacturer to wholesaler, and must be paid by that seller. Q: Do I need proof of FET payment from vendor? Is a return required of me that shows that proof?
  13. I’m scratching my head on how unused abrasive media would scratch less than used/recycled. Using it new for abrasive blasting knocks the sharp edges off. On the other hand I haven’t used this media for any reason except abrasive blasting, and it certainly has no cutting power after 1 use.
  14. Thanks, guys. I ordered some from Del. Fingers crossed that they show up soon
  15. I’m looking for a mold that resembles a Yamamoto 3.5” Kut Tail Worm. Yamamoto doesn’t carry them in colors I prefer.
  16. I had a store owner the other day carrying on about how he really liked the “Guntersville Special” skirt color on a jig. Would any of you gentlemen know what color strands make up that skirt?
  17. It’s a heavy head but I would think about something with a much longer shank hook. For instance, Jenkins makes a swimbait head in 1/4 ounce with a 9/0 hook. The shaft of the hook is very long. I don’t know that you could get a similar hook for that mold. I had a guy make me a custom Magnum Shakey Head mold for use with 12”-14” worms on Lake Falcon. It is heavy and utilizes a big hook.
  18. I have the mold and poured a few. They pour well, but I just don’t use them much.
  19. It is a DO-IT ball head mold. guessing cylinder diameter is 3/8”, length 1/2”
  20. I need to find someone that can / will modify a mold. I have lost touch with the fellow who modified some of my Do -It jig molds, with minor alterations in the past. I have a standard ball head jig mold I want modified to add weight behind the head as desired by an older friend of mine. He is down to his last few and I promised to see what I could do to help him. A cylinder of lead needs to extend from the back of the 5/16 ball head and down the shaft appx 1/2 inch; so that area needs to be machined out in a manner that achieves equal distribution around the shaft. The needed work is beyond my capabilities. I have a prototype jig, the mold and the hooks. I would welcome suggestions on who might be able to help with this project.
  21. I have noticed among friends and associates, there is often a misunderstanding of the importance difference between markup & margin. Please find the following verbal illustrations. NOTE: For the sake of clarity in the following example no allowance for sales tax, shipping and assorted other costs are considered. For this example, I make a fishing related product subject to federal excise tax (FET) and want to implement that tax into my pricing. I decide to sell my product for $4.00 per item before adding in FET. I know FET is 10% so I add $0.40 and sell the item for $4.40 apiece . I have made and sold one thousand items and now have $4,400. I owe FET $440 (10% of sale) leaving me with $3,960. Dividing that $3,960 by the 1,000 items sold it amounts to $3.96 per item. But wait a minute. Remember that part at the beginning “I decide to sell my product for $4.00 per item before adding in FET?” Where did the 4 cents per item disappear to? Answer: You lost it in your markup. Consider; if you had marked up the $4.00 item by 11%, the sale price would be $4.44 ea. and you would end up with the margin you planned. (10% FET on the $4.44 sale price is 44 cents ea. Send that 44 cents to the IRS and you have $4.00) note: I rounded off, again, for clarity of principle We sometimes forget that when we build from the bottom up, but measure from the top down, we must allow for the difference - Markup vs Margin. I hope this is helpful to those of you that are, or plan to be, fishing product entrepreneurs.
  22. Am having good luck with BJ de gassed medium. Glad it isn’t changing.
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