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  1. Hello really like these old school style baits. What are you using for a base coat.
  2. beautiful figure on that one. How the finished product turn out?
  3. It worked well on walleye but I have never caught a muskey. DT2 does create a harder surface. But the you lose a lot of work time and it will cost you way more to use in the long run. Kleer Koat is table top; so it pretty tough cheaper and easier to work with in my opinion.
  4. I had ever used etex until recently, though I have been top coating my lures with an epoxy for years. A far superior product in my opinion is Kleer Koat by US composites. Its a tabletop epoxy . You get a half a gallon for 23 bucks. It is much easier to work with than eatex. Etex pooled on my lures. Problem i did not have with Kleer Kote. Over the years the harder did turn yellow. but the resin did not. I am still using that resin with eaten harder now. The etex resin is too thin. I like to to heat my lure and my resin before coating . with heat this product will dry in about 3 hours and your fishing.
  5. Hobby lobby has their paints on sale right now. Anita's by rustoleom only 55 cents a bottle.
  6. littleriver


    Nice swimming action! Great job!
  7. Always been a fan of your paint. Those eyes have some real depth.
  8. littleriver


    Just the second bait I have painted with airbrush. Added some highlights with the paint brush too. Lure is made from paulowia. painted with acrylics and covered with Kleer Koat table top from US composites. Hangers and lip are handmade from stainless soldering wire and lexan.
  9. littleriver


    It has a very tight and fast action. Put a brass and glass rattle in the tail. You can really feel the action through the rod. Just had a scrap piece of material and decided to play around with it . It's not bad.
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