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  1. I can hear the wife complaining already! What the heck happened to my broom? Are you cutting hair off the dog and cat again for your silly flies? And what happened to my foam flip flops, there are holes in them!
  2. This is a really tough times for small business owners. Bottom line seems to be no one wants to work. My brother owns a landscaping company and he is close to closing down because no one wants to work. He has lots of business, and no way to get it done. Seems counter intuitive that people are out of work, and yet no one wants to take the jobs! I have been buying from MF for 10 years or so and they were always great. I feel bad for them and others in a no win situation!
  3. Just be aware that micro bubbles have a SIGNIFICANT lung health issue! Most thermoplastic molders will not allow their use!
  4. I've been using for my creature baits for a few months now and I think it is A+. I like to use screw locks and this plastic really works well with them. I also made up a bunch of bluegill baits for my Grandson and he has only needed to use 2 ! Another interesting thing if you use the dip dye on tails it doesn't migrate up the bait.
  5. I use a small file. A really fine jig saw blade work well also. Slower, but no "ahhhh shit" when the Dremel goes crazy! I also put a hook in a slowly close the vise. Putting a little bit of black enamel paint on the hook also makes a good mark to follow. Some permanent markers work ok, but you need to close it fast but hand pressure will make a mark to follow. Do one cavity at a time. Remember: You can also take more material out...but you can't put it back in!!!
  6. I have a paint stirrer that goes on my drill. I cut the plastic on the bottom back small enough so it goes in the top of the bottle (took a couple different stirs to find one that would still work after I cut it back!) and it does a pretty good job. This might work! https://www.acehardware.com/departments/paint-and-supplies/painting-tools-and-supplies/paint-mixers/1499516
  7. I lay mine on a cookie sheet. When I'm done shooting, I take the sheet over to the refrigerator in the garage and put it in, and take a beer out!
  8. Please be VERY careful with the microbubbles. They are a SIGNIFICANT health hazard to your lungs. They can also be harmful if you accidentally get them into your eyes (not that hard to do!). MF has a floating plastic formula that I have been very happy with.
  9. Yep, but a patent is big $$. Make sure you use a good Patent Attorney that knows what they are doing! It's been my experience (I have managed dozens of patents through the process) is it takes $100,000 to get the job done and protect the patent. Cheap Patent Attorneys (and services) are worthless! Ahhh shit? 1st to market and ride it for a year or two may be a better option. Sorry...but that is the way it is... I personally have 4 patents with 3M and 1 with AT&T and managed 6 through the process with a high tech plastic company.
  10. If you really want a "laminate"...shoot the bait in the bottom color (let's say white), then take the bait out of the mold and with a large sharp butcher knife cut the bottom off and reinsert it into the mold, and then inject the top color. The reason you use a large, sharp butcher knife (most long blades would work), is to get a nice long straight cut. Not a method to make a hundred of them, but a dozen should go fairly quickly!
  11. I stopped worrying about little details (except in baits I was painting for show) after anglers started catching bass on Umbrella Rigs !
  12. Aluminum would be a good material to use if you do NOT want the blades to squeak. If you want squeak it would need to be plastic on plastic.
  13. The amount of squeak would be influenced by the type of plastic in the blade. The good news is the cheaper the plastic, the more it would squeak! Plastic on plastic would squeak the most (use a cheap non-lucubrated plastic). In the industry we call these "wear" thermoplastics. To reduce wear or squeaks you would use a "low wear" or lubricated plastic. So, if you could put a plastic tube around your wire (and fit it tight or glue it) and then put the blade over it, you might be able to get the sound to want. Only one way to know! I noticed that the blades I recently purchased have an aluminum shaft insert in them. I suppose that it was to make sure they spin and/or to match wire size to the hole in the blade. The problem would be to get the squeak, the blades would not turn as easily so you would need a bigger blade or faster speed (I suppose). Gee....all those years in the thermoplastics industry finally payed off!
  14. That looks like smallmouth candy! Very well done video.
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