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  1. I have used D2T before, then switched over to AlumiUV for ease. I do use fairly stiff molds, but I have large vents as well. But..... you might be on to something.
  2. I have not had that problem.
  3. I have a wire bender, and a jig, and I can make all of my harnesses the same. Yes, figuring the original weight is tricky, but it works for me.
  4. Does it count that I have used it on fishing rod wraps? It seems like it would work OK.
  5. Vodkaman had one he made that was static. We discussed making one from a pump to make flowing water, but the amount necessary to get the correct velocity would take plumbing project. I still want to do it sometime.
  6. My thoughts are that I/we would need to see a video of the pre and after action. I do have some thoughts though. 1) You are on the edge of having too much resistance and adding hooks tipped the balance. 2) The plastisol tail is causing too much drag, and ...... hooks tipped the balance. I still need to see more to answer with more than a guess.
  7. A hint that will help perhaps. I use the 3rd hand tools from Harbor Freight or others to hold the parts together then I mix 50% epoxy with 50% Tungsten powder I get from Alumilite. It bonds as well as solder and is as heavy as pure lead. It is as dense as pure lead so it shows up well on the fish finder. The only drawback is the curing time, but, for me, it is worth it because I can use any hook I like.
  8. My guess would be the Tin would be louder, but I have not tried it.
  9. James did shut his business down, but he still makes some limited runs for friends, etc. He planned on selling his business but COVID hit and his buyers pulled out if I heard correctly.
  10. and check out lurepartsonline.com as well as fishingskirts.com.
  11. The Alumilite White works well for me. I am not sure of the price right now.
  12. It really depends on how you are going to attach it and what your bait is molded out of. But....I have used both and I think the plastisol is faster to mold, but the Flex glues in a little getter. Still, both will work for you.
  13. Yep, cast like crap, troll like a dream.
  14. A Dremel tool, with a stead hand, and lots of practice????
  15. Do you mean he "Flex Seal" we see with the guy sealing leaky boats, leaky basement windows, etc., etc. If so, then it is a liquid rubber, and I have no doubt the clear will work for YOUR application. It will not bring out the "pop" or ultra clear and depth that many of our preferred coatings do, but, and I want to emphasize this, there is not ONE clear coat for every application. No doubt it will not hold up well to pike or Muskie teeth, but I bet it will hold up to crappie and trout and similar small tooth critters very well.
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