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  1. Hi all Looking to start painting crankbaits indoors in my basement. I had questions on the set up since it is a non ventilated area with no windows. I have small bench near my laundry area. For those painting in a basement or similar indoor setup, how do you set up your stations? Are you wearing a mask? If so which one. Do you have another means to push the air away from the booth etc. Thanks in advance to all that provide input on this.
  2. Dink Master was any mods required to fit the hook?
  3. I thought maybe with some slight mods it can make both a regular jig and a swingtail jig
  4. I am referring to the swing tail mold which takes STW 130 wire form https://store.do-itmolds.com/Poison-Swingtail-Jigbr18-14-38-12-34-1_p_1254.html Can this mold also accommodate just a regular hook and not make a swing tail jig using the STW wire form?
  5. Hi Does anyone know if the do it swingtail mold will take a regular hook? If so which one. Thanks in advance
  6. Ok I went with the Iwata sprint jet compressor, any one have experience with this model?
  7. Wish I could chime in here and say with confidence but I'm also just starting out using D2T as top coat. The finish looks feels durable. I will have more input for you soon as I put them to the test up north here on glacial rock infested lakes.
  8. Hi Looking to start air brush painting harbaits but have questions before I start investing into it. 1. What is a good starter brand or type of air brush paint to work with that is affordable and can still get job done while I learn and mess up a few times. 2. What specs on an air compressor should I look for? Will attached compressor work. See pic. Again thanks to all in advance. Your support is appreciated!!
  9. On this topic does dev2ton epoxy yellow after a while as top coat? Does anyone know if home version yellows or have some uv resistance?
  10. What ratio of the alcohol to add , or consistency are we talking for the final coat so its not weakend? Let's say 2 part epoxy size of a penny for each glue before mixing them.
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