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  1. Ok I went with the Iwata sprint jet compressor, any one have experience with this model?
  2. Wish I could chime in here and say with confidence but I'm also just starting out using D2T as top coat. The finish looks feels durable. I will have more input for you soon as I put them to the test up north here on glacial rock infested lakes.
  3. Hi Looking to start air brush painting harbaits but have questions before I start investing into it. 1. What is a good starter brand or type of air brush paint to work with that is affordable and can still get job done while I learn and mess up a few times. 2. What specs on an air compressor should I look for? Will attached compressor work. See pic. Again thanks to all in advance. Your support is appreciated!!
  4. On this topic does dev2ton epoxy yellow after a while as top coat? Does anyone know if home version yellows or have some uv resistance?
  5. What ratio of the alcohol to add , or consistency are we talking for the final coat so its not weakend? Let's say 2 part epoxy size of a penny for each glue before mixing them.
  6. What do you guys use to thin it out for top coat?
  7. Hi all Where you guys buying your belly weights for crankbaits? Or are you making them? If so picture would help how your doing it. Thanks in advance
  8. Agree. I started messing around with what I had and this 20ga snare wire. Thru wire glued together with Devcon 2ton "home" version epoxy.
  9. Hi Wondering what brand epoxy everyone is using to glue in lips and nose,belly weight, tail eyes. I'm currently using Devcon 2ton epoxy "home" version. I hope is strong enough. I'm just starting out making bass baits. Pike are in play. Thanks in advance
  10. ALL- thanks a lot, appreciate all the advice!! I will look into the videos provided and links to the parts for purchase for my way forward. Agree that after a few pike that snare wire (seems soft) will need to be rebent to shape and as a result lose its strength. I can't seem to find videos on building bass baits using twisted wire method, I will continue to search.
  11. thanks guys, yes I am fishing up north where Pike and Musky are present. So definitely need to take that into consideration. Question: Do they sell SS wire in straight pieces? I cannot find it.
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