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  1. gekhang

    Fly rod

    Custom MHX Fly Rod. Made with Carbon Fiber handle, custom wood turned inserts and butt grip. Finished on Alps Fly reel seat and Recoil Guides!
  2. Custom rod built on Phenix Ultra UMBX-S700M-B Blank. I wanted a very comfortable grip handle but there was none out there that i had liked. I liked to have the EVA grip to be where i put my hand on and so i decided to design my own reel seat. It consists of a 3d printed insert where the Red ring is in the middle of the grip and the red ring is there for stress support to prevent over tightening. Going with the red theme i added various custom accents from my own designs to matagi components to go with the rod. I finished off the build with a hybrid use of Fuji Torzite guides for the stripper guides and micro double looped recoil guides(like what the loomis NRX uses) to maximize sensitivity and lightweight setup.
  3. all at once if you like or just press on the areas you want covered. as for grouping, it'd hard to get them any closer and have it cut well. that's why a manufacturer who's initials are LC overlaps theirs.
  4. it's adhesive backed so you just stick them on however you want to arrange it.
  5. if anyone's still interested, i got some different foils and cut them down for 2 inch cranks.
  6. You end up with individual ones but you don't apply it individually. You cut the pattern, take out the negative spaces, apply a transfer paper to pull out all the scales into one sheet like i posted and apply it all at once. Very easy to do with great results that painting cannot do. Here's one i did with glow vinyl.
  7. you guys are making this too hard. it's as simple as running holo vinyl thru a plotting machine to cut the scales down and apply it. heres a sample with regular foil on a small 2inch crankbait.
  8. thank you sir. already looking to build one for the next one!
  9. Custom North Fork Composites HM MB 705-1. Fitted with Fuji perfect components and Fuji Torzite guides! Custom turned blue burlwood handles.
  10. Swimbait was painted with a Bone color and i added some glow vinyl that was cut with my vinyl plotter into scales that i applied to the swimbait!
  11. definitely needs release agent. i would also suggest brushing on the bondo first before pouring it in. that way you eliminate as many bubbles as possible.
  12. Been working with a few myself and it has been working great. i make a master mold and cast it in silicone, bondo or two part putty. Have made a few jig heads and a bunch of soft plastic molds. Here's a recent ice fishing one i made.
  13. Here is a custom rod built on a Hydra scrimless fiber NG series rod. The handle grip was turned with foam core and sleeved in carbon fiber and finished with epoxy. The reel seat is a alps carbon toray reel seat. Completely made from carbon fiber for extra sensitivity. The guides are ALPS Titanium TTIMXN Guides and ALPS Titanium TIPF Guides for the running guides.
  14. My own original design swimjig in my lucky bluegill color. Head design was designed in a 3d software, 3d printed a master mold and a mold was cast from it. From there i was able to use that mold to pour lead into to make this unique one of a kind swimjig head.
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