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  1. I hand pour only...what I'm working on is the illusion of a drifted cluster bait for steelhead.
  2. You can thank our wonderful Gov't for this as it was they that banned the use of one of main ingredients. I caught wind of this early enough to purchase several pints of the "old" motoroil colorant. The main difference is the "old" had a red tint vs a brown tint when exposed to natural light. This happened quite a while back so newer bait makers don't know there was something different. I use motoroil pretty regular when I'm trying to affect colors in combination and it doesn't take much. Grasshopper is one of my favorite mixes.
  3. Let me see your mold, looks like each egg is individual by the cut mark. I'm working on a cluster that will allow me to add skein.
  4. I'm going steelheading in late Nov. out in Oregon & ID hopefully between now and then I'll come up with something I'll share. It won't be something complicated and achieve the illusion.
  5. If you're considering I offer my experience(s) for thought hopefully usable. 1) Don't under sell yourself 2) Believe in your creativity 3) Every minute counts 4) Never surrender to the machine 5) Always keep your individualism Ask and I'll respond
  6. If you want the "salt effect" without having to add salt use white in your recipe, this will allow the bait to retain it's buoyancy and be more opaque.
  7. Depends on the bait your making, certain colorants have black added to them ie...green pumpkin, you can play on the colorant and reduce the amount of black you need to mix and still arrive at a good degree of opaque without sacrificing color. Don't exempt the amount of flakes you may use as well. Also depends if you're laminating 2 colors, one can be more translucent than the other, determine which one you want to be dominant.
  8. Sad to hear this he was my first supplier and I still have several bottles of colorants I use sparingly. RIP
  9. I see a constant in that the colors you list are translucent or slight bleed very little colorant in both. How I've mixed when creating a new color is a process of starting with a mix I already have a recipe for that's similar so I already have a base. If you don't have a base mix recipe then the best way to start is minimal colorant and work up. I start with the same amount each time 8 oz. I keep a mold handy of the configuration I'm making the color for so that with each additional color or drops I add I mix and will pour out a sample in the correct mold so I can see what I need to see. Yes it is trial and error but it's controlled so the error possibility goes down and in the process you'll find that along the way you may create another color you'll want to use later and you'll have the recipe.
  10. What I see is the salt opaques and milks the limetruse bottom so I would start with 8 oz 1 drop of Avocado, 1 drop of Chart. If you don't use salt add 1 drop of white until you reach your taste of opaque. It does look like a Dirty Sanchez IMO.
  11. Assuming you're familiar with taxes. Add up: Energy cost, raw materials cost, incoming shipping cost for raw materials, sq ft cost<tax write off, mold costs< tax write off, storage cost, packaging cost, incoming shipping cost for packaging/supplies, time to package, last but not least your time to make the baits. I'm sure I've missed a couple. Taking out the above I'd say you're going to need to Net around $23-28. an hour give or take.
  12. My standard bone is 8 oz. 3) Drops of white and a paperclip drop of Scupp
  13. Ask yourself 3 questions for starters and weigh your answers: 1) Am I willing to give up a good portion of my fishing time? 2) What do I deem as success monetarily? 3) Am I self disciplined?
  14. I started Fringe Tackle out of necessity...I needed an income. I'd been making baits for myself as a hobby/competitive edge previously. That was then and through time I've experienced extremes good and bad. I have a few regrets but none measure up to the loss of time I've had to fish for the last 10 yrs. I'm nearing the end of my bait making for pay days, when I decided to sell off my remaining swimbait molds it dawned on me I'd better make some for me....I hadn't had the opportunity to throw my own bait...always making them for someone else.
  15. In 2010 I went down the rabbit hole intending to locate and purchase the molds. After a bunch of phone calls and misinformation I gave up eventually thinking they had gone to scrap. I could've done with out seeing this thread.
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