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  1. I just wanted to show how well the chatter bait came out. The information you all gave me was spot on I think it turned out real good, as you can see in the picture I sent !
  2. That is too bad , in the early 70s I helped my father deliver gasoline to service stations and farms all over east Texas. I washed my hands in leaded gas all the time. I washed my tools and equipment with leaded gas, I even sat on top of his gas tanker with fumes all around me. I have never had a problem with my health, I guess it can happen, or maybe I am just blessed. I hope every thing works out like you want it too. The people have always helped me when I need help on this forum that is the great thing about Tackle underground , it is the people.
  3. normans

    under spins

    I believe the swim bait trailer that this friend of mine uses has a belly that drops down quite a bit and the blade hits that part of the lure . It does the same thing with a zoom fluke according the him. I have tried it on a zoom fluke and it does hit the belly of the fluke . I am using the standard willow blades and inserts or wires . I am not opposed to making my own wires , it is the mod on the mold that worries me . I have never tried to mod a mold before.
  4. normans

    under spins

    One of the things that I hear about Do-IT molds under spins is that the wire going to the blade is too short . The blade hits the swim bait body when moving through the water . The blade will also hit the body of a fluke I would think that would not be the desired action. So my question is what is the fix, or I could be all wet on this , I have made several underspins for friends and they have told me the had to put their fluke on upside down to keep the blade working right .
  5. normans

    pouring pot

    That is a good thing that there is a nut under the base plate I can take some bar stock and thread the ends and make two extensions for the legs and get all the clearance I need. If I get one of the new style !
  6. normans

    pouring pot

    How is the new RCBS pro melt attached to the base plate. Does anyone have one of the new ones ,it looks like it could be raised for better clearance real easy.
  7. I already have that mold so that is a good thing , one of my problems is that there are so many sizes of things like split rings and blades and duo lock snaps that you have to get . I some how almost always buy the wrong size and get something you would use to catch a great white shark not a Black bass ! Thank you for your help I am down here in Texas living the dream !
  8. Cadman could I ask what size split rings would I need to have for the best action. Do the chatter blades come in different sizes if so what size provide the best action.
  9. What Do-It mold do I use to make a chatter bait . I have never tried one yet .
  10. normans

    pouring pot

  11. normans

    pouring pot

    If you were going to buy a new pouring pot , what brand and size would you buy? I have a small Lee pot right now and I want to up grade this spring . I pour a lot of jig heads , under spins , buzz baits , and spinner bates, swimbait heads.
  12. It does not act funny or show any sign that something is wrong when pouring into a large ingot , good color and flow, its when I melt it in the small pot that I pour from that it looks wrong and pours strange and the jigs come out rough . The pot is full and I flux it about once every 30 min. and also when I put more lead in the pot . The pot is clean I dumped it out a few days ago and cleaned it all out inside and out. Temp looks good ,I don't think I am getting it too hot . according to my heat gun it is around 625- 650 to 700 and the pot cools down when I turn it down so the pot is acting like it is suppose to act. When I melt an ingot I get a big new bunch of slag on top I don't see the clear silver color it is always a gold color on top of the pot both when cleaning and pouring The pot does not flow very well and clogs up every few jigs. When the jigs is taken out of the mold it is rough and has rough places on the jig itself and on the spur as well.
  13. I want to thank you guys for the help today , I have obtained the MSDS sheet for the lead lined wallboard and found that the lead on the wallboard is 99.90 % pure and very soft . It does have some Zinc and copper in it but not enough to cause any problems , so I am going to start fresh with 0 lead in the pot and try a complete new batch of lead and see what happens. If this works out well I will not loose to much lead and get to use my wallboard lead . If it does not I can try the fluxing with the sulfur . I will let you know how it goes , thanks a bunch !
  14. I want to thank you for all the information you have given me here, it looks like I am going back to plumbers lead , thanks again.
  15. When I pour the jig from the small pot on top of the spur there is a tin looking rough spot on top of the spur and the jig it self is rough to the feel and look .
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