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  1. I use a Twistech for my wire needs. However making forms with one is pretty damn hard. You would need to start with a wire form made on the bender and work from there.
  2. I've painted them with a ES gun that way. Just ran a steel wire through them.
  3. Yes and no. I've done it both ways
  4. I use Teflon wire. It fills the hole and pulls right out. https://contenti.com/jewelry-casting-supplies/spin-casting-white-metal/mold-making-spincasting/ptfe-wire
  5. LimpNoodle


    Are you laying down a base of thread before you try putting the hair on?
  6. You can buy them by the thousand from Mustang.
  7. I just picked up 200 lbs of lead scrap for $0.95 a pound. Ya just gotta find the right scrap yard.
  8. Twistech now makes a wire bender for 0.051 wire.
  9. Thanks. Here in North Texas they think anything under a ounce is ultralight.
  10. Those are some nice looking white bass jigs. What weights are you tying them in?
  11. Flashabou doesn't come in a clear though. It's going to add flash.
  12. Electrostatic powder coat gun and black pain.
  13. You're supposed to turn it to 0 and let it cool before unplugging it.
  14. I've never had that problem with Zap-A-Gap.
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