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  1. I'm in the process of designing a mold and would like to know if anyone has dimensions for the injector hole. Diameter, taper angle, etc?
  2. Any know where I can order runners or left over plastic to remelt? I used to buy from carolina baits but they have quit selling them. I am not looking for huge amounts. I don't make enough stuff to justify buying all the dyes and extra things.
  3. Ok. Sounds good. I really liked the results from the stuff I ordered before. You are very helpful.
  4. Does anyone know of any companys selling runners? I have ordered from Carolina Mike and his plastic remelts awesome but I am looking for some different white colors that he doesn't have available. I am trying to avoid sinking a ton of money into this until I decide I really want to continue making plastic baits. Any help would be great.
  5. I would highly reccomend the 5in swim ripper mold. I have justed started with plastics and have no experience with injecting but as far as the bait it's great. Looks just like a skinny dipper. I usethe big 5in on swim jigs and it is unbelievable. Plus when the fish tear it up you can rip off the head and use it as a 3in bait. Just my personal opinion though. Even if you don't get that one you should try the bigger baits on the swim jig. Plus, you could fish it as a regular swimbait also. Kill 2 birds with one stone.
  6. How do you apply? I have been flooding mine with glue then pouring it out.
  7. What of epoxy do you use? Is thin ratio 50/50? I wou ld like to try it if it makes the plastic shine more.
  8. I mix elmers glue with water 50/50 ratio. Seems to work pretty good. It does tend to leave a dull finish and I haven't figured out how to get rid of it either. I did notice when I use cookign spray as a release agent it's not as bad sometimes.
  9. Let me know how the plastisol works and how making the colors goes. I am new to this also. I have made a few molds and they turned out nice. I have been using runners I bought from Carolina Mike and they work really nice. Easy to heat up and pour. Plus, I didn't have to spend a ton of money to get started. I have a swimbait mold I working on and if I can get it to work with hand pouring I am going to look into maybe getting the plastisol and mixing up my own colors. I think it's hard to beat those runners though if you can get the colors you want.
  10. Correct. I am new to this so could you describe how to properly make a vent? I know what its for but not how to scribe it.
  11. I have managed to make a 2 part pop mold for a swimbait. I am having trouble getting the tail to pour right. I tried heating the mold up but it hasn't helped. Any suggestions?
  12. I am making a 2 part pop mold. I really don't want to take the sample plastic baits out of the mold. Can I still bake the mold to help dry it out or will that be too hot for the plastic? My last one seems to have set up better but I want it dry completely before I do the second half.
  13. Seems like 3rd times a charm. I had too much water before. Thanks guys. Also, the cubic inches is my way of thinking!
  14. Gonna try for a third time in a few. Gonna try to get it thicker. The one post above is spot on about my problem. The top layer is powdery. Maybe too much water.
  15. I made a 1 piece mold a few weeks ago that turned out great. I have tried to snake 2 more and I can't seem to get the plaster to fully dry. I mixed the same as before and even got a nee bag of plaster. No idea why 1 is so nice and the others are crap. Any ideas? Too much water?
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