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  1. Exactly what he said! They are very thin layers. But I always wait a night before epoxying. Usually because I'm done for the evening anyway. It's a slow production for me. lol
  2. I like using polycrilic as a midcoat between layers when I'm going to apply a stencil or mesh. I have had tape pull paint off, or if I mess up the stencil/mesh, i can wipe that layer back off to the midcoat and try again! It is like locking in the layers that I like lol. Safety blanket. I follow the steps that engineered angler showed in one of his vids. I dilute it with water, and spray several light coats onto the lure. It dries quickly. I will usually put on a coat before finishing with epoxy as well.
  3. Is there a way to sandwich two blades together to make the right width? I know sometimes guys do that with saw blades in a hand saw.
  4. Awesome job everyone! Amazing work by all the entries.
  5. Yea let us know how it works. Did you see All eyes post in the gallery! Now that is a sick foil/scale job. You should ask him how he did that, he doesn't seem to post much here.
  6. lol, sorry to confuse you. I get confused about what I do some days. Usually I will, epoxy, basecoat of paint/primer, foil, polycrylic, epoxy, paint, (sometimes polycyrlic during the paint if i feel i need to seal a layer to prevent tape from stencils or netting from damaging the paint), then epoxy. Again, this is just what I do. There might be better or easier ways to do it.
  7. eastman03

    carving and foiling.jpg

    So sick! Nice work
  8. Usually at least a day between each step. Mostly because I'm never trying to get them out fast. Honestly it is probably more like a few days between each step. The polycrylic layer that I spray dries quite quickly. That one could be epoxied or painted over over in the same day. Paint too. If I paint a lure in the morning, I have epoxied them in the same day as well.
  9. Ahh got ya. I sprayed over the foil with polycrylic to make help get a good surface prep for epoxy. Then epoxy. Then paint. I don’t usually scuff anything up. I don’t know if it’s totally necessary. I haven’t seemed to have any issues.
  10. Yea, it is a pretty cool way to foil a lure. I got the idea from engineered angler on youtube. The head transition was very tricky. Again, I've only done this a few times, so there might be better ways to do it. Basically I foiled the scale pattern right up past the area where the gill plate would be. Then I made a quick stencil for the shape of the gill that I wanted. I carefully traced it onto the foil scales, then using a very sharp knife, i cut out that shape, and peeled the cut offs of the foil scales. . Then I cut a flat piece of foil to fit in that spot using the stencil an
  11. I’ve done scales out of foil as well. And other types of foil with pattern and smooth. Usually I epoxy over the foil to ensure the top/bottom is completely smooth. Helps hide any seems. if you want a thin “seal” over the foil that won’t be as think as epoxy I have sprayed/airbrushed a few very thin coats of polycrylic (cut with 1/3 water) That stuff is great. I’m no expert. Just letting you know what I’ve tried. I have painted right over foil, but it doesn’t seem to adhere great. sometimes I’ll paint a layer at an angle against the scales, then wipe off the paint to try to “highli
  12. Hey welcome here. Honestly you might not get to many responses to the bottle fed airbrush, I think (myself included) the majority of lure painters use the gravity fed airbrushes. But I'm sure you might get a few tips here. As far as clear coat - that is a huge question. Better clear coat than epoxy? Epoxy is an excellent clear coat, but like all clear coats, it depends on many factors. What kind of epoxy have you been using? Also, what have your issues been? What kind of lures are you clear coating? That might help dictate what clear coats could work for you. As I've said
  13. It is a strange thread lol. To make a quick and dirty test mold, i have used 100% silicone caulking. I followed some random youtube demo. I added water and some soap i think lol. I mixed it all up with gloves on (very stinky). Then i sort of forced it and pressed it around my master. It did work, although with imperfections. I would never choose this for an actual mold, but here in manitoba, that stuff is bloody expensive. Especially if I want to mold a larger lure. Anyway, it worked and I make a couple large paddle tail tails for a hybrid lure. I'm glad I did it that way
  14. What kind of paint jobs you looking for? Do you need them finished with epoxy? Or whatever finish
  15. Nice work! You might win by default lol. What kind of paint/finish works on a reel? I should spruce up some of my old ones too.
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