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  1. Used a #5 Colorado blade for the blade and a 1/4 oz egg sinker. This was an interesting build as I had MULTIPLE fails on this. Getting the alignment and spacing was key, if the line tie was too high it just wouldn't shake. Also it hated a trailer and skirt but a trailer or skirt alone and it did fine. All in all a fun build, just have to do the video for my channel now.
  2. Awesome suggestion! I have started making cones from polymer clay but this is even easier.
  3. Actually didn't see yours! I had found a couple of videos where the guy makes pendants and went from there. Did find your post via search just now. Nifty jigs!
  4. Posted the link in my reply a couple of comments up!
  5. Have you been able to find other sizes? I found 2.5 x 3.75 x 1 HERE Sorry it took me a while to get back to you!
  6. Dude that turned out great! I'm glad I was able to push someone other than my wife over the edge! LOL! Thanks for watching!
  7. I use bolts and wingnuts through aluminum plates. It's in the video.
  8. Red Silicone Mold Rubber 9"x 1" for Centrifugal Spin Casting Lead and tin Alloy https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F2JP7Q8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_yo0pDbXCBWJKX
  9. So I love to make YouTube videos and here is my latest and how I have started making vulcanized rubber molds. Yes, there are a couple of issues that are easy to fix (better master, proper hook size) but I am happy so for... Ned Rig Mold
  10. Little Blue Bender and straight wires maybe?
  11. We are on the same page. I would add I use the wires that jewelry peeps use to make earrings, very soft so you can reuse. One thing I do is after I dip it I lift it up a little to break the initial bond between the pain and the eye at the end of the wire. If you bake it and it is still where you started after dipping, it can be a pain to get the sinker off. I also like to use the acrylic paint from Michael's that is made for glasses etc. I use a small drill bit and put dots on the sinker after dipping and then bake it like normal.
  12. Posted this video yesterday. It's how I use my Little Blue Bender for my buzzbaits and spinnerbaits. The Little Blue Bender
  13. Thanks a ton for the great reply. I'll probably stick w Do It etc. Tight lines!
  14. I have seen these on Amazon and ebay. What kind of material is this? I have used Rock Putty but it isn't as clean as this. Thanks in advance and hope everyone is well. HERE is an example
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