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  1. Anyone ever use the alabama/umbrella rigs that lure parts online or barlows sells? They are just the head and wires, you add the swivels, blades, whatever. I need to make some 2 hook umbrella rigs and don't feel like spending $30 a piece on a rig I won't use often or $15-30 for a rig I will have to cut and customize anyway. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with these pre made naked rigs. Mainly looking at the 5 wire crappie rig on LPO or the light 4 wire on barlows. One has 0.032 and the other 0.030 wires. Hoping it will pulse a little bit. And not fall apart after 1 fish.
  2. So I made an inline like the one picture above. I put a bit more of a drop in it. Runs great and skips unbelievable well. Now just need the water to warm up and see if it will catch a fish.
  3. Is there a benefit to throwing an inline buzzbait with a toad instead of a safety pin style buzzbait with a toad? Both skip well. Without any type of clacker, they should sound the same. The safety pin style you can swap blades and rivets. Just curious as I am seeing more inline buzzbaits being made. Not talking about weedless free swinging inlines. I'll attach pictures.
  4. I love the Style S mold. It's the old stanley jigs head I believe. Good all around head. Skips well and comes through wood better than any jig I have seen. Get the medium weedguard from fishingskirts.com.
  5. That's an idea. May try that next if I am not satisfied with the tubing
  6. There is already an eye loop on the wire ahead of the body. So I can't add a bead or anything like that. So I am going to try some heat shrink over the wire to add grip for the surgical tubing, then a length of surgical tubing over that, then tie the skirt material onto the surgical tubing. Sort of like how the old rubber spinnerbaits skirts were. Hopefully it works. We'll see
  7. So I am working on a bait and I need to add a silicone skirt to a plain wire. Is there a skirt collar or something I could do to get the skirt to flare?
  8. Anyone ever use the Rock Island brand blades? Are they any good?
  9. Thank you. This is awesome information
  10. Thank you. I have created my own version of a snagless sally type body. Just trying to figure out what blade to put on mine. I want thump and it to start spinning immediately. Mainly going to use a 1/2oz. I'm wanting to use a #5 blade instead of the #4.5 hildebrandt uses. Trying to figure out the best option. Hildebrandt Colorado, Mag Willow/Olympic, Indiana, French, or Royal (seem to be unavailable).
  11. I'm starting to make bass size inline spinner baits and was wonder about heavy weight colorado blades vs regular colorado blades vs deep cup colorado. I know guys use the heavy weight colorado on safety pin style spinner baits to get more vibration. Would you get that same vibration on an online? Which blade would start spinning the fastest?
  12. Anyone know where I can get propellers like these in a size between 1/2" and 1"
  13. What size panther martin style blade would work best on a 3/4oz spinner?
  14. How many marabou feathers do you guys use on your marabou jigs for bass in the NY, Minnesota, Wisconsin area?
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