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  1. Here’s a more reasonable price on that little vibratory motor. https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Automatic-Kitchen-Stirrer-Blender/dp/B08TQRCK7G/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=Pot+stirrer&qid=1641679044&sr=8-7
  2. Read this thread with links that will solve your problem.
  3. I’ll say the did. Nice color combo too. I like it.
  4. You can preheat your injector with a propane torch or a griddle. After you heat the plastisol, set the Pyrex on the griddle to keep it hot. Shoot your molds and evacuate the unused plastic back in your Pyrex cup and put your injector nozzle right in the cup with the hot plastic. This should keep your injector from freezing up and allow you to demold, draw plastic and shoot again. Put the griddle thermostat to high. 400+. Eventually, the plastic will cool enough to allow the injector to freeze and you’ll have to clean it out, reheat the plastic in the microwave and start over.
  5. I just received a dear customer letter from Skirts Plus explaining the current situation for them. Covid and all the related issues in the supply chain. They go on to say silicon suppliers have doubled their lead times and increased their prices up to 300% in some cases. So the shortage isn’t getting better and the prices are going up. Hope everyone has a pretty good stock.
  6. After experimenting with pouring the lead with the weedguard in place, I’m not a fan. There’s a reason they made the base hole pins. The heat of the molten lead melts the fibers of the weedguard and flairs what remains above the head. It makes for funky look and presentation. Try contacting Cadman for some base hole pins that will fit that smaller cavity and order some small weedguards.
  7. I think I have a couple of those Fat Albert molds Basskat. If you just want to shoot a bunch up, I’d be happy to send them your way for awhile. Mine are the six cavity models. I looked on Lureworks but that mold isn’t on there. Just wonder if a call to Leonard might get you one if you want to purchase. I dunno though.
  8. Couldn’t you make a smaller pattern out of cardboard or thick stock as a master and trace that pattern onto your tape and cut it? That would give you some margins so you could seal it and provide some durability to the blade.
  9. Here ya go Mark. Post your results! https://custombaits.com/index.php?topic=13596.msg102088#msg102088
  10. Mostly gloss, Big E. I have ordered some stuff from Prismatic Powders also and it was top notch powder. Columbia has a Omni Black thats a color shift I need to get a pound of that looks really nice. I have had some luck with that kind of look before on bass. I always thought buy by the ounce was expensive when I looked at pound prices. Just my .02.
  11. I have used Columbia Coatings a long time and like their product. They have good powders and sell by the pound. Just google them. Nice website.
  12. I’m really confused by this. What are you saying…..really?
  13. Here ya go, Brandon. Basstackle makes some good top inject swimbait molds specifically made to shoot laminates. Generally all the top inject molds that have an injection port for each cavity will laminate well with your dual injector. They cost more as a general rule, though. https://www.basstackle.com/631_Ring_Swimbait_5_Cavity_p/631-kj-5.htm Another is the Epic bait molds swimbait that has a different look and is a very nice bait and laminates well. I own both these molds. The Basstackle and the Epic mold. https://epicbaitmolds.com/products/5-6in-epic-preybait-hand-injection-mold
  14. I think the SB Coat paint and a textured pad to roll on would get the results you are looking for.
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