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  1. I think the SB Coat paint and a textured pad to roll on would get the results you are looking for.
  2. I didn’t know Del but sad to here of his passing. I have a very nice ten cavity senko mold of his. Wish I had more of his stuff, really. Very talented moldmaker, for sure. Prayers to his family….
  3. I received my package. Thank you for the baits. It reminds me of some little baits I put together for a friend that wanted them for some small river fishing in Missouri. I think the original builder called them Flashy Swimmer or something like that. I posted a pic of that little bait in the gallery but it was built as a double spin with a hand tied jig on it. Beautiful little bait but your is much more intricate. I know how much time I spent on those little Flashy Swimmers for my Buddy and know you put a lot of effort into building these. Lots of wire bending skills in these and they would be very difficult to mass produce. I haven’t fished them yet but plan to and will let you know the outcome. Thanks again for the beautiful baits and will follow up with some on the water experience.
  4. Hi Bruce County. I would love to get one of your new 1-A 1-A lure designs. Not sure about all the ins and outs of patents but hoping you succeed in your endeavor. I will PM you my address and wouldn’t mind paying for the lure and postage. Kind Regards…..
  5. At first glance, your wire size looks way big to me for such a small inline spinner. IIRC, .021 is what I typically use for this size. Another thing that sticks out is the Colorado blade. They just don’t spin well on an in-line. Try a French blade. You’ll have way more success. What size clevis are you using?
  6. Looks like the China virus is hitting them hard too. Lots of out of stock items.
  7. Not sure what that is about. I’ll try to clear out my inbox. Maybe that’s it.
  8. ^^^^^ Cashed a few checks on those over the years, haven’t you? Everyone can’t fish those like you do!
  9. Interesting old lure that I bet caught plenty of fish. Would love to see your modified mold. Please post pic.
  10. Jazzatomo linked his Dropbox that has those recipes in a couple of posts up this thread. Can you open that link up?
  11. Heck, just shake the snot out of it now. My gallon jugs are semi opaque so you can see if there’s any hardpack when you turn it upside down. Then you can let it rest a few days until you get ready to use it. Is it Calhoun’s? I do this without any ill effects.
  12. Didn’t know about your misfortune but glad to see you back. That plastic you can still use just mix it well, of course, and add heat stabilizer. I’ve been trying to work through some old plastic myself (5 yrs. old) and adding heat stabilizer really helped. Otherwise it tended to burn easy. To clean pots, Pyrex, and other equipment just a regular old spray cleaner like Fantastic works for me. Worm oil for your injector but some guys spray it with Pam.
  13. Certainly some anti caking agents out there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anticaking_agent
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