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  1. Do it Weighted Hook Mold makes 1/16-1/4 weighted hooks, uses the jig style hooks with screw lock.
  2. Other than eBay international, anyone know where I can order these?
  3. Made this compact 5/16 buzzbait and 1/2 oz spinnerbaits from an s bass mold w/ coil keeper mod and a swim jig mold w/4/0 owner hooks. Turned out pretty good.
  4. ParkerFly

    P-Nut Head Jig

    I've heard these are popular over there. What makes the peanut head better than a standard round head finesse jig like an eakins?
  5. Can you explain the advantage of the longer wire here?
  6. You're right. Just wanting to make a small quantity, and was hoping someone would have a Picasso lying around and could give me a ballpark. I don't happen to have one on hand and that model isn't sold locally.
  7. Picasso makes a cool spinnerbait with an Indiana main blade and a willow kicker. In my mixed condition fisheries here in Tulsa, seems like it would be a good fit. Can't find ANYWHERE what size blades they're using. Indiana blades in particular are hard for me to size. Any ideas?
  8. Or if anyone would be willing to pour me some slim chunks...?
  9. Does anyone know of a hand pourer/custom pourer who is selling baits made with del marts chunk molds? Specifically the swimming chunk, slim chunk, and big salty chunk?
  10. Seems like maybe the titanium single strand will be stiffer than the braided surflon, so wondering if I should go down a bit... It's expensive stuff to experiment with and get wrong. I've read of a couple guys on here using 40-50lb. titanium wire.
  11. Ready to start dropping titanium double weedguards in my jigs and finesse heads. What lb. test/diameter are people using for this? I use 60lb. and 90lb. surflon leader material currently for weedguards, for reference.
  12. Is anybody shooting either of these molds commercially? In other words, is there anywhere I can buy some of these tubes without purchasing the mold?
  13. https://store.do-itmolds.com/4-Swim-Stick-3-Cavity_p_230.html
  14. I happened to have the forms lying around, but I agree there are probably better (and less rigid) options. Regarding the use of fluoro or weedwacker cord, how do you keep it from melting when powder painting?
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