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  1. Hokieangler

    Hot Sauce

    Awesome Job! Wish I knew of a matte finish to go on it.
  2. Hokieangler

    speed trap copy

    Awesome job Mark . Looks like you may have used the screw in eyes? If so was there any problems with the pin style hanger or did you try them with the Azek ?
  3. It's a shame! It's one of my customers confidence bait! Thanks Richard!
  4. I see that unpainted lures has gone out of business . Does anyone know who may have 2.5 dd blanks. I think I read someplace that they owned the mold for that blank.
  5. Hokieangler

    Crappie and Bluegill

    Great Job! Love them!
  6. Hokieangler


    Love it! Ben nailed it! Work of Art !
  7. Hokieangler


    Love your work! Awesome job !
  8. Man ! Those are tight for sure! Awesome job!
  9. Hokieangler

    Crappie School

    Ready to be finished with DC2T!
  10. Love the oversized eyes! That is one of my favorite colors! Awesome job once again!
  11. Another awesome job! I love the foil job! I haven't done one yet and need to attempt one soon!
  12. Hokieangler

    attempting realism

    I would say you not that one out of the park !I thought I saw its gills moving!
  13. Hokieangler

    Cedar Crankbait

    And it's Cedar ! Fantastic job!
  14. Holy moly Batman! That thing is awesome!
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