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  1. it could be many different colors depending on how much of each paint he mixed to the other.
  2. definatly the top side. if its nose heavy , having a tie on the tip or under the nose can cause line abbrasions if you are hopping it along rocks.
  3. https://trueglidelures.com/product/truecoat-quart-kit-2-16oz-bottles/
  4. http://www.tackletour.com/autopsyhudd.html
  5. https://bsi-inc.com/hobby/hobby.html
  6. something like the roman made negotiator has a assist type top hook setup.
  7. squid jigs for snagging squid for bait. the ones today are glow in the dark
  8. most of it worked out excellent, some of it had gone bad , but only a couple bottles. i like the way it sprayed better than createx and it is way easier to clean your gun after using it.
  9. what mold is it that you are wanting to duplicate? can you post some pics or make and model?
  10. https://www.deltalaboratories.com/industry-approach/fishing-lures
  11. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/22062-dipping-tubes/?tab=comments#comment-164521
  12. its not real new, its been around for awhile. but just not highly publicized i think. its called a donkey rig
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