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  1. Base color has everything to do with the end effect. I have a bunch of colorshift powders. You can mix them with a transparent base, clear top coat, or brush them on. As for where you get them, there are a ton of different vendors out there. I recently purchased a bunch off of an etsy store, amazon, ebay, dipyourcar, custompaintingpearls are all viable options. In my experience, you get the most dramatic effects over a black base but some of the lighter powders also a do a great job adding a subtle shift when over white, white pearl or other lighter shades. You just have to do some exper
  2. My opinion on the matter is that attraction and triggering often time go hand in hand. One of the best examples I can think of are with big glide baits thrown in clear water. These big baits have a lot of "drawing power" with those slow, wide movements bringing in fish from a long distance away- I have had instances where I can see a fish close on the bait from maybe 10-15 feet away, get right on the tail of the bait and follow it all the way to the boat before turning away. Obviously this fish was attracted to the lure but didn't commit. This is where the triggering part comes into pl
  3. https://www.basstackle.com/8_Fat_Treat_Worm_p/196-kj-4.htm It's a beast. I throw it on a Randy Howell Magnum shaky head jig I pour from Do-it, typically in 3/8 or 1/2 oz with a 7/0 hook.
  4. I has some of the V hooks that I use in my shaky heads and magnum shaky heads and they're bad to the bone. Very sharp, stout and hold fish well once they're hooked which is really important to me with the magnum heads.
  5. Man I hate to hear that his health issues finally caught up to him. I still have two old bears injectors, some hilite powders and a jar of blue flake from him that I just keep refilling.
  6. https://www.alternativelures.com/ This is one of the best sites I have found for blanks, swimbaits and glides in particular.
  7. If you have a hobby lobby near you they have some great pearl ex powders that are really affordable. I use their purple pearl for several of my baits and it looks really nice.
  8. I use a mix of chartreuse and dead on Neolime for mine
  9. I like very little yellow in my bone, just a hint. Mine is mostly white colorant, 1 drop of yellow and a drop or two of natural. You can adjust it to your liking.
  10. I used to know an old timer who used the old yellow/orange dial bar soap on a trotline and it worked like an absolute charm. Catfish truly will eat damn near anything it seems
  11. Hop on Facebook and look up Dakota Mcneill (Mcneill Exotics). I'm sure he can provide you with what you're looking for.
  12. MF makes the watermelon brown colorant; it's really thin but makes a fantastic color. As for myself, I use several different colorants to make my version of watermelon just to give the baits a little more depth. I use watermelon 101 from lureworks, some lime green from dead on, some natural from lurecraft and some green pumpkin 109 from lureworks as well. Is it necessary to make it that complicated? No, absolutely not. You can get a great watermelon color with watermelon 101 all by itself, but I want to make my colors my own which is why I add the other colorants. I added a pho
  13. My version of a classic
  14. I had issues with Dead On bubbling as well to the point that I bought a vacuum chamber. Depending on how much you bought and what container it came in, I would HIGHLY suggest that you not shake the container and instead use a plastic tip mixer that you attach to a drill. Experienced much less bubbling when mixing this way. In my experience and considering where I live (central Alabama), moisture is normally the number one culprit when I get bubbles in my plastic. Moisture can also get in your colorants, flake, powders, and other things we put in our plastic. Salt is also an absolute m
  15. It probably won't be as clear as fresh plastisol but as long you mix it sufficiently it should still work just fine.
  16. I just ordered some to check them out this past weekend from Collecting Warehouse. Once they come in I will report back on quality, etc.
  17. I just make baits on the side, but I have a buddy of mine who absolutely loves the AI stinger mold and will order 50-100 baits at a time in a single color which is great because that makes it much easier on me to just make up 4 cups of plastic and go go go.
  18. I currently work in the medical field and there is simply no possible way I could quit to make fishing lures and hope to come even close to matching the salary and benefits of my current position. For me, making lures is a fun and enjoyable distraction from the living hell that is being responsible for 100+ staff in a COVID ICU although I do sell/trade a few bags of plastic on the side, mostly to some close friends. Maybe when I retire I will use bait making as a way to supplement my retirement. That being said, I don't want to dissuade you from going down this path if it is truly som
  19. Buy it right and buy it once is what I always say. Sure, the upfront cost of the BassTackle injectors is higher but they will literally last you forever and they're the best quality available. Do you really want the headaches involved with some of the cheaper options? I have several injectors- 2 from Bear's Baits (no longer in business) and a couple of BassTackle ones. The BT are the best option on the market BY FAR and their customer service literal cannot be beaten.
  20. Bassinfool

    Molds fs

    Do you have any pictures of the finished bait of the 4.5 Hollow body swimbait?
  21. I only use 1.5-2 tabs at most. Much more than that and the skirt gets a bit too full.
  22. It's not a problem I have very often. In the event that it does occur, a drop of super glue on the shank of the hook does the job.
  23. These are the hooks I have been using. https://www.barlowstackle.com/Mustad-91768NP-BN-Jig-Hook--P403.aspx https://www.barlowstackle.com/VMC-7346-45deg-Swimbait-Jig-Hook-P3787.aspx
  24. What blank is that and where did you get it? Digging those eyes.
  25. I just use an EWG and split rings. I would be worried that the bait keeper/coil would interfere with the split ring in the hook eye and cause the bait not to run correctly.
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