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  1. I have a pile of lips that didn’t work and will sometimes go back and use them for new baits. I just guess and experiment a lot.
  2. Those are some cool patterns. You got to make a post on how you did those.
  3. When I use lexan I make a wide triangular slot so it can move back and forth. I mainly use them for wake baits. I have used them for lipped divers too. But most of the time I use a silicone tails, give better action, especially for lipless jointed baits
  4. I like natural colors unless it’s a shad, then I want as shiny as possible. Have you experimented with foil?
  5. Yohan Customs and Melosh Fishing Lures make those for competitions. You can find them on Instagram. They might be able to help you.
  6. Lately I have been mixing it up and so far it appears to be working. I apply superglue to drill holes and joint cut outs because it penetrates so well, then coat the rest in polyurethane.
  7. Thanks. Half airbrush, half hand paint.
  8. It was something he always used and I was in your situation with white not being available.
  9. Just meaning I wanted to make it known that I might have been the problem with the tan not working Ever since I switched back and heat my molds, i can’t remember a bait coming out bad.
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