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  1. 40” snook on my mullet swimbait
  2. What do you mean by sealer coat?
  3. Some of my foiled baits are still holding up, while others have cracked and peeled. I am using Devon 2 ton, any suggestions? Do you guys do any prep with foil?
  4. I bought a roll off I believe Amazon, but its more bronze than gold, wish I had done more research.
  5. What is an inter coat?
  6. Have you fished it with any toothy fish? Have you chipped any and the rest stays solid? Meaning no water intrusion.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback guys. My first attempt came out amazing, just couldn’t capture it in a photo. In person you can see it clearly as you rotate it.
  8. The labels say 2-4 hours. How long do you wait and how many coats?
  9. Is that hardener waterproof? I would like to get away from using superglue, but it test my baits in water before painting them.
  10. Following. I just got some and that’s the clear I use.
  11. kudos Grandpa! I made a dolphin swimbait that didn’t swim the way I wanted it to, so I removed the hook hangers, painted it baby blue and gave it to my granddaughter. She absolutely loved it.
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