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  1. Since I posted this I have added glitter to couple different baits with good success. I add glitter only to the first coat, just to avoid anything poking out.
  2. Those #8 looks strong. I use heavy tackle and straighten a lot of hooks.
  3. The magnets are working……so far. The hook moves freely, the magnets are in the bottom of the slot. when you retrieve it, the nose rises and the hooks drop. Just a proto plan on making something larger and more detailed.
  4. Sharpies, if used correctly, can be very effective. I have used them for small detail On some baits and it’s you can’t even tell.
  5. I use an N95 while using superglue. Even though they are meant for fumes and not vapors, I don’t even smell it, which means there is little chance of overexposure. I recommended that all of you use at least some type of NIOSH rated respirators when working with any of the chemicals we use or while sanding resin or wood with superglue. And if in doubt always check the PPE section of the SDS.
  6. I use 400 before and after, but I know some guys finish with 220. I just like a real smooth surface just in case I mold it and I don’t want to take off too much after applying the superglue cause I test in a pool before I paint.
  7. I use 400 to finish everything and 150 for shaping and cleaning.
  8. I do. I was concerned the porous nature of the wood may cause problems with the silicon. I just sand well after applying with 400 grit.
  9. What kind of connection? Double screw eye or screw eyes with a pin?
  10. My plan is similar to this, but different, thanks for the link.
  11. I plan on making a slot for the hook, the magnet will just keep it in place while casting.
  12. I am trying to design a bait with a top hook and want to add a magnet to hold it in place. Has anyone done this before that can give me any advice? Where would I find small strong magnets and does the paint and clear affect them?
  13. I think The engineered angler has a really good technique. He takes an old paint brush spreads it out covers both sides with masking take, cuts it to shape then glues it in. I plan on experimenting with these types of tails soon and that’s what I am going to follow.
  14. 7.25lbs on my shad wake bait
  15. 40” snook on my mullet swimbait
  16. What do you mean by sealer coat?
  17. Some of my foiled baits are still holding up, while others have cracked and peeled. I am using Devon 2 ton, any suggestions? Do you guys do any prep with foil?
  18. I bought a roll off I believe Amazon, but its more bronze than gold, wish I had done more research.
  19. What is an inter coat?
  20. Have you fished it with any toothy fish? Have you chipped any and the rest stays solid? Meaning no water intrusion.
  21. Thanks for all the feedback guys. My first attempt came out amazing, just couldn’t capture it in a photo. In person you can see it clearly as you rotate it.
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