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  1. still know info like the other one that was around seems to disap out of sight
  2. well i be missed it on site
  3. where is the web site mate must missed it some body got to know about this
  4. bandicoot


    any one know of this heater EZ Duo Plastisol Heater thanks lipsmacker
  5. any one knows this mould maker grub mould here is picture as price here in australia too much at $225
  6. can any one recall a soft plastic maker of lures /they are pretty big / wich sells the cutoffs of the lures in usa can not seem to find now any help appr thanks rob australia
  7. got some plastisol the other week 5 litres 2 2l/and a one l bottle used the 1 litre bottle first hard type was good know trouble /// then the next bottle 2 litre // well it was shit took heaps to melt thick as ...... burns easy what a waste even tryed in a new sunbeam deep fryer still no good take too long and just went like thick glue had job to stir it bit over 1 litre wasted stinks toxic . any body had trouble like this ./ the other 2 litre is a better to use .. have usa plastisol great to use only trouble is costly here at $170 for 10 litre +postage about $29 as i thought the sunbeam would be same as the presto pot brand new too any answer welcome thanks rob australia
  8. custom spinner baits jigheads for australia
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