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    WTB BTS Swimbait Molds

    WTB BTS Swim Bait molds in the following 605,606,6" Hand Pour Mold ,and the 4" hand pour molds. Will pay new price. Send email to dmaiden38@yahoo.com or private message Thanks Daniel
  2. use white pearl powder with a match head size of black colorant add more or less to your taste for and maybe add silver glitter if you want this is what I do on a lot of baits
  3. bob has always helped me with changes to a bait or a custom size he has always sent great products
  4. Guys just seen this on there website wasn't sure if anyone had seen this on there website all orders have been suspended until may 1st or longer. Here is the info on the website I just copied and paste it here. We here at BTS would like to inform all our customers that due to health issues Bob has taken a leave of absence. He has been sick for awhile but kept ignoring his issues due to his large hike in orders. We would like to apologize for the lack of communication, but Bob is a rather private person when it comes to his business affairs and we had know idea how behind or overworked he had become which lead to complete bed rest for the next month. We would also like to assure everyone that BTS is NOT out of business, and Bob WILL be back and take care of all your orders. We will post updates as to when he will be returning and as we start to process orders we will contact each and everyone as we begin to process your order and when we ship. Please have patience with us this was something beyond our control but Bob really needs to rest and get healthy again.We thank all our wonderful and loyal customers for sticking it out I know we had many worried. Bob will make it up to you by putting out a great product with the excellent craftsmanship you all love. And hopefully he will be introducing some new items soon after his return. Thank You from Bob @BTS
  5. i know last year about this time there was some medical issues in the family not sure what all was going on but this was some of the delays he has had
  6. Ultra Molds Shooting Star Mini I have Shooting star mini setup with mounting plate 2 injectors 1:1 and 2:1 1 Injector Heater Extra O-rings Unit has had a total of 10 cups of plastic ran through it everything works great email me at dmaiden38@yahoo.com for pics
  7. Anyone used these baits or pour these 2 baits like to have some samples
  8. i have recently started using my ultra shooting star system what is the best way to clean the pots between colors. The biggest issue i am having is the best way to clean the injector ports. Since i put in raw plastic in to cook i am afraid of old plastic leeching in and changing colors.
  9. i currently pour alot if swimbaits I always have been tweaking the formulas to differn't ratios to get the best action out of my baits.I recently switched plastics i dont want to buy 3 different plastic types hard,soft,and med. i would rather buy med and custom blend my own using softner or hardner. What ratio of hardner do i need to make a saltwater grade or hard plastic and the same for softner to make soft. I have always heard 10 percent of softer to make soft formula.
  10. I have came across an issue with some old poes 400 crankbaits the bills are getting loose out of the package. I am wanting to reglue these back in. What is the best way to do this.
  11. i can second what he said about this post its really a slick setup i have the same setup. rubert has be awesome with customer service second
  12. string gold glitter i have been unable to find this were is a good place to buy it. Thanks
  13. Badger Renegade Velocity airbrush for sale. Never had been used. Only hooked up air to test quick disconnect fittings. Comes with low pressure regulator, flexible hose with quick disconnect fittings, air brush cleaning kit never used,10 extra bottles, Cretex air brush cleaner, 4 or 5 bottles of Cretex paint never opened, and table top air brush cleaner. Air brush and accessories came from air brush depot. Email for pics at dmaiden38@yahoo.com
  14. 2 Bears Presto pouring pots bought new 2nd week of December both used one pouring section. Just don't need for the amount of plastic I pour.Extra nozzle. 240.00 each shipped Email for pics at dmaiden38@yahoo.com
  15. Os coating powder spray gun for sale. 30.00 shipped comes with extra pickup tubes and 3 extra jars. Used once.email for pics at dmaiden38@yahoo.com
  16. Looking for some help matching a lite hitch color. I am needing just the top color. I done a search and the receipe i found has some of the colors I can no longer get. Looking to match a jerry rago lite hitch color or any generic receipe will work. Thanks daniel
  17. i want a gold color like that gold line on that crankbait
  18. Looing to try to come up with a gold vein receipe for swimbaits. Like whats on the sixth sense vein.
  19. Thanks guys for the help going to make an order and see if I can get this color down. You learn somthing everyday you pour.
  20. bait is clear when you hold it up so glitter is out
  21. See I am up in the air because one bait is had poured the other is injection it's so hard not get air bubbles in a hand poured. There both identical in the gold they have. I know from experience that you add colorants to pearl like the white it will change the color we that one has chart vein with the gold pearl will it change the pearl
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