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  1. Mr.Nsmith

    matte gill 1

    Unique 'gill style! Keep on fishin' and paintin'!
  2. Mr.Nsmith

    Willow Bream

    Wow! Details in the gills of this bream is amazing as well as colour transitions of the greens...good job and keep up the work!
  3. @Tman69671: Good job man! Very nice ducky! Look's a lot like the old Heddon Cree Duck lure... @Kasilofchrisn: Is it the Heddon Cree Duck?? @ the Rest of TU members: What I was proposing was the hollow belly rubber frog/mouse kind of design with a weighted hook going thru the duck, and the barbs of the hooks sits in the grove of the back side of the duck. Much more weedless design than a treble hook and spinners underneath the belly. I know Optimum and Teckel USA makes a frog with a Colorado blade underneath their HB frogs: unique designs for both companies. I'm still working on how to approa
  4. There's Smooth-on flex it series of expanding foam which is very well... flexible... so could possible using flex It X to make a swimbait similar to hudds, Castaic Catch-22, Savage Gear trout, Decoy Hydra tail, etc? If any TU member has used flex it by Smooth-on reply asap, if so your experience with this expanding foam. I'm desired to create make a bait that is a completely-solid foam swimbait that is flexible as well as durable and not stiff as the other attempts.
  5. @RayburnGuy:.... yeah, I kinda forgotten to search before posting.... @Jig Man: Wow. . I would personally sell some for profit, but that's just me.... What I had wanted to see was a rig that "broke the mold" of the 2, 3,5, and 7 wired castable umbrella rig that would be "innovative" than just a plain, old wired 5 wire Alabama Rig. I was hoping that (a) TU member(s) would go and make a CUR that would be unique and innovative than the rest. Keep on Fishin'.
  6. Has anyone made their own Alabama rigs? If so, could you add a picture of your DIY Alabama Rig(s) and tell how and why did you do to make your own Alabama rig the way that it is. I'm personally making concepts of a possible DIY Alabama rigs, and I was looking if anyone else in TU has made ones. Keep on Fishin'.
  7. It's a secured document: so you will have to PM me in order to edit this with two passwords. I can reply back as fast as I can when I am able to do so. Fishing PDF.pdf Fishing PDF.pdf Fishing PDF.pdf Fishing PDF.pdf Fishing PDF.pdf Fishing PDF.pdf Fishing PDF.pdf Fishing PDF.pdf Fishing PDF.pdf
  8. Well, when I was first bass fishing I was overwhelmed by how many matters go into fishing from fishing line to the type of conditions to the lure's weight to the angle to "hit" the strike zone and so forth. There's a lot of information out on the web about this and that which can get overwhelming at sometimes. So, I have decided to make a powerpoint that has some information, not a lot, all of the possible matters that can go with largemouth bass fishing. I understand that not everyone on TU is a bass fisherman and I understand that. What I am trying to convey is to make a "list" of the differ
  9. so I kept having the problem with tangling hooks on a hardbait which everybody has had before, right? And changing split ring with smaller ones or change hook size/ brand can be difficult. So, what I had figured out is that you need to remove the split ring and hook as one whole system, and then add a large split ring (from a key chain) into the hook hanger in which using the flat-ish side of the split ring to twist the split ring to horizontal/vertical position. Then of course put back the split ring and hook onto the hook hanger and hopefully this will deal with the entangling hooks.
  10. So, as you may ask, "a toy from my childhood turned into a lure?", and I say, "h*** yes." Now you're just plain confused. Now you're thinking what can it be.... remember that yellow colored critter with a orange bill, yep that's right that rubber duck in the tub. After looking endlessly for a search of revolutionizing lure that no bass in the grass have seen before....why not a duck? There's endless amount of frogs and now birds at TWH, but no ducks and guess what. There are hard bait "duck" imitators but they're in you're old tackle collection, am I right? So, why can't I just add a 4/0 lead
  11. Spinnerbait/Spinner blades that are designed for game fish have a variety of sizes, colors, and designed features on a French blade as would a Colorado to a fluted blade can have.
  12. Good Question, umm... Well what I meant by spinnerbaits (not spinners like the Mepps spinners) was ones for largemouth bass which of can be used. For the French blades I know that it can be used for panfish to Muskie depending on the size of the French blade. The only time that I have ever used a French blade was when panfishing using a small Mepps spinner then another time where I caught a 15" short-nose gar on feathered and larger Mepps spinner. "The sizes of spinner blades are based on a numerical system starting with 0 or 0/0, the smallest for stream trout spinners, size 3-4-5 for bass and
  13. Tips for Choosing Spinnerbait Blades Slow Willow Spinnerbait Blades Slow Willow blades are the same length, width and exact oval shape as standard willow blades. All the dimensions of standard Willow and Slow Willow blades are identical - except the Slow Willow has much less concave/convex curvature or cup than the standard Willow. The Slow Willow has a shallow cup and looks flatter compared to the standard Willow. This difference, the shallower degree of cup, makes the Slow Willow start spinning at slower speeds than a standard Willow. When you start to retrieve a standard Will
  14. @Canuck, there's not a significant amount of spinnerbait companies that have those deep cup (slow moving) willow blades....Strike king has the Bottom Dweller which has smaller blades which allows it to be slow turned. There are deep cupped Colorado blades in which they're usually named for nighttime fishing. To get what I am trying to say is that there are places like LPO which you have to buy separate blades which depends on size will range in the $2-$6 range. Or you can get a large willow spinnerbait and bend the rim of the blade to slightly make it more cupped (IT TAKES PRACTICE). The most
  15. Just watched the video and pretty matches up with the "brownish" shoulders in the Norman's Chartreuse Shad and again thanks.
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