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  1. Where can I get the KO rippin Rap blanks from? They look exactly like the rapala ones..
  2. I have now used some of my cranks clear coated in Art Resin.. They performed pretty awesome. Walleyes never left a scratch in the clear. I still need to make a video. I just want to thank Art Resin for the opportunity of testing their product. It does perform very well. I do like it better than Etec.. Mostly because of the application.. It goes on very well and resists fish eye much better than any other epoxy. It is very, very clear and has a very high gloss.. Very good product.. I will be ordering some just as soon as I finish my current inventory of other epoxy...
  3. That was a great review.. The fish eye from touching the baits is what I didn't like with the etex... Art Resin seems to cure that problem... The product seems to be the best of the epoxies. .Just need to see what real world use, performance will be.
  4. I like art Resin better than Etex so far.. I received a sample from them to try. It spreads over the bait much easier. almost no fish eye. It is clearer.. The colors are vibrant and stand out. It does take alittle longer to cure.. It seems to be harder but still has flex.. Im up in the north country so I haven't been able to use it and do a test. I have painted up about 40 baits and cleared with the art resin. I will be going to lake erie and putting the baits to the test in may.... Depending how they perform on toothy fish I will decide on what to use. SO far the only problem I see with the Art Resin is the $.. How much better is it vs the cost of ETEX... Yet to be determined..
  5. Art Resin cure time is about the same as Etec,, Extremely clear and goes on great.. Im very happy with it, But It hasn't seen any water yet.. So we will see.
  6. I will do a report after some toothy critters bite down on the baits...
  7. I will be fishing Erie for the first time this coming May. My home water is Green Bay and Winnebago
  8. I custom paint DHJ 12 and Taildancer 11s all the time for walleyes.. You will have no problem with a light sanding and airbrushing on a color pattern you like. I coat mine with etex or Art Resin epoxy.. I use 2 light coats.. No problem with the action of these baits. Devcon also works well.
  9. What are you guys using for a clear on painted spinner blades?
  10. Benefit to this epoxy is, it is very clear. Clearest expoy i"ve used. Venation Lures, This stuff goes on very thin.. You would have to use 2 coats. So that's 2 days of dry time and I would not ship till it sits for 2 days after. The epoxy gets very hard and looks like it will perform very well. Just very slow cure time... Probably be some of the best looking baits ever with this stuff... But if you need to ship soon.. Probably not the perfect stuff for your use. I have not been able to test the actual fishing because of Winter. But I have a trip planned to Lake Erie in May and will put the baits to the test on Walleyes....
  11. I cleared my first 2 baits with the sample Art Resin. Initial observation, Is extremely Clear. Does not bubble any more or less than Etec. Applies very well. Same consistency as Etec. Drys alittle slower than Etec.. Benefit is its extremely Clear and applies very will... To be continued
  12. I received my sample of Art Resin.. Very excited to try it on some baits..
  13. just a holo graphic sticker over his paint job
  14. Where Can i get the shinny antifreeze green color airbrush paint for harness blades. And what color blade do I paint over to get the right color. Thanks MIke
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