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  1. I’m looking for a mold to pour a weedless head for swim baits like the 7” Keitechs or the Scottsboro type baits. Thoughts on the weedless brush jig mold, BSH 3 LA for this? That mold calls for a 32786 hook. Is that hook available larger than an 8/0? The 32824 hook goes up to 9/0. Will it work in that mold? Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone ever tried this; and if so, how did it work?
  3. I’m thinking of upgrading from a Hot Pot 2 to a production pot. Any advantages to the #20 over the #10 besides capacity? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks cadman and smalljaw for your responses. You two always go above and beyond to answer questions on this board. I don’t post much but do visit this forum daily. I’m always impressed with the information that y’all bring.
  5. Anyone have a recipe for the D & L Jigs Oops skirt? I’m picture posting illiterate, but a google search will provide many pictures. I much prefer frog hair skirts. If anyone has a source for frog hair tabs, in the oops colors, I would appreciate that information too. Thanks in advance.
  6. I use the 7147 in a few different molds and really like it. I’ve caught several 4-5 pound small mouth on that hook without problem. I just pour for myself and friends; and for my needs, the VMCs are a great hooks.
  7. Looking for suggestions to make base pins for 1/8-3/8 cavaties. Mold calls for 5/64 weedguard. Thanks in advance.
  8. For those who use D2T, are there any problems with drips/runs while it dries? If so, how do you avoid this? Thanks in advance.
  9. I have been out today looking for a used microwave and hot plate or griddle. I didn't find anything at Goodwill and the couple microwaves I found in pawn shops did not interest me. I did not go into Wal Mart (The parking lot was full and I didn't want to fight the crowd.) but the cheapest microwave on their website is $40 plus dollars. I have read through several of the older posts on this site and and note that the Lee pots get mixed reviews. Please educate me as to the pros and cons of buying a Lee Pot for $60 plus dollars verses the cost of probably a new microwave, silicon cups, etc. etc. I will explain below what I intend to do in order to help you advise me accordingly: I intend to pour one style of worm that I am no longer able to buy. Any number of you probably have the mold and could pour it for me but I think it would be fun to do it myself. (Which means, of course, that once I get started in pouring I will get the fever and be pouring other styles. LOL) I will be pouring a few hundred at a time of one color and will probably only be pouring watermelon, green pumpkin, a couple smoke colors and junebug. Thanks again in advance for your responses.
  10. Thanks to all who have responded. daveh; thanks for the offer but I am too far away.
  11. Hello all! I am looking to hand pour a work that I can no longer find in production. Lure Craft is sending me several samples of worms so I can match my worm as close as possible to a mold. In the meantime, I need to start gathering up all the other "stuff and things" that I will need, and have some questions. I know the basic equipment for hand pour is a microwave and pyrex cup. However, unless I buy a dedicated microwave for the garage, a microwave isnt practicle for me. 1. Can I melt plastic on a hot plate or griddle and if so, what brand and model hot plate/griddle do you recommend? I think I would prefer a griddle if there is one that will work. 2. Any particular heating pouring pan recommended or is the one LC sells as good as any? 3. What type/brand therometer? 4. Any other equipment/tools (besides gloves and other safety equip) that you would recommend --both necessary equipment and "will make your life easier" equipment? Thanks in advance for your responses. I will continue to read prior posts in order to try and keep my newbie questions to a minimum but I am sure more questions will follow
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