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  1. Im not real sure who you even are. I should of been more specific. and not said "you". but in general people.
  2. Understandable, but when you go to an american company expecting to pay a foreign price, its obvious why you don't get what you want. just saying.
  3. simple. if it looks like a copy, look on the commercial baits package for a patent number and study up.
  4. What people dont realize, patent products can not even be duplicated for personal use. Trademark products can be, so long its not for monetary gain.
  5. Wasting your time with a patent attorney, unless you got really deep pockets... I think its pretty self educating if it has a patent, you can't copy it legally. Steve parks will have your balls hanging on his clothes line if you knock the strike king stuff.
  6. Its not powder, if it is it is a dye, and takes very little, A good rule of thumb is 1/3's.
  7. Research constructive sales price as well. If you sell retail you fall into this category. 10% was designed around manufacturers at wholesale pricing. On retail you can pay on 60% of the sale price. Its a lot to keep up with tho.
  8. I'm assuming they are bleeding colors as well.
  9. a lot of glitter that bleed comes out silver. It could have been but i doubt it was aluminum from the craft store. Price would not be reflective of aluminum glitter.
  10. Craft glitter is not aluminum. Big difference.
  11. Call lureworks. they have and sell the hardest plastisol you can buy, You can not inject it, you will have to use other means, But it is very doable. Just plan for it to be an expensive hobby.... This type of plastisol is way more durable then silicone.
  12. A hula grub Ie yamamoto, the skirt comes off 90 degrees, Id call do its a hula tube.
  13. If it sets to fast, yes i did not read all of it. The pressure pot cure will help a bunch, Or use some longer resin, if its polyester back off on the hardener.
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