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  1. I am looking for 3 discontinued rainshadow XMB873 blanks in the titanium chrome color any help on locating them would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. How do most guys keep their 3D eyes organized and stored?
  3. Anyone looking to try Solarez I have some that I painted 5 plastic crankbaits with. It is about 4 weeks old and I'd take $10 plus shipping for it.
  4. I just coated my first batch of about 6 crankbaits and the finish on the body of the bait looks great, but the bill is lumpy and looks like it was about half set up when I applied it. I just opened the solarez and cleared the bills first. Tried the hair dryer and got some to run off the end of the bill that I wiped away but it set up in the sunlight shade scenario uneven and looks bad. Any body tried to remove it?
  5. Where do you get MEKP?
  6. Mad Moose which Solarez product are you using, is it the fly fishing resins?
  7. What type of solarez are you using? I am trying to find it on their website and they have multiple products.
  8. I began using a product called Minwax Gloss urethane that i bought at Lowes. It said it was moisture and UV resistant. It worked out ok except that it said it would not yellow but it made the white paint on the bellies a flat pale yellow.
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