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  1. DeSerres, in Halifax is an art store that sells Createx paints. Also, Curry's in Ontario.
  2. I use Zinsser B-I-N shellac based rattle can primer. Haven't finished a whole can yet, but heard elsewhere it worked well and so far have had no problems.
  3. I suspect the stencils are for airbrush painting, rather than for lure shaping.
  4. Curry's and DeSerres both stock Createx in Ontario and will ship.
  5. Well, I have a quart of the EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane on order. Should arrive next week. Although it will be tough doing any testing at this time of year, I will keep you informed of any observations.
  6. luremaking.com's shipping charges are listed on their website. eg $10.49 for $80 order
  7. I buy from http://www.luremaking.com/ (also mentioned by joliepa). They have been great for me. Delivery has been as quick as 2 days here in Ontario.
  8. Yes, I saw that warning as well. That, to me, implies that the product cannot stand up to near continual water contact. Being as its an exterior product, it would likely hold up in a 1 or 2 day constant rain?? Above, mark poulson mentioned that he uses that same company's interior grade product without problems. I believe there are others who have used "non-waterproof" products successfully as well. Like we all are, I'm just trying to find the grail of topcoats. Still love to hear anyone's input. Perhaps I will be the guinea pig on this one?!?
  9. Wayne, if you are referring to the EM9300, Target Coatings' MSDS reads "Prolonged (inhalation) exposure may produce headaches and mucous membrane irritation." It suggests that a full-faced respirator is "advised" in poorly ventilated areas. It also states that the product doesn't contain extremely hazardous or toxic substances. From that, it would seem that dipping a few lures would not be killer. Of course the wearing of a mask is usually the prudent thing to do, especially for people that are sensitive to this sort of thing.
  10. Thanks littleriver. I had seen your original post. I have been using System Three's Clear Coat epoxy, which I am happy with. But, as is typical of the epoxies, it tends to "slide" away from the sharper edges on some lures. This is the reason that I would like one of the other alternatives. It sounds like the urethane type products are the best for this.
  11. To resurrect an old one, has anyone used the Emtech EM9300 Polycarbonate Urethane to topcoat their lures? By their description, it sounds like it could be the "perfect" alternative.
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