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    Bass Fishing. Painting crankbaits...mostly 1.5's and 2.5 squarebills. Started making wakebaits from basswood. Youth Director of a teenage bass fishing club. Also do some jig pouring and tie up jigs and punch skirts with rubber/silicone skirt material.

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  1. barrybait

    CA Sucker.jpg

    Congratulations on some beautiful work. I don't completely understand the lip, did you need to add weight. Also it appears to have two line ties. Most notable though is that incredible scale pattern that is very precise. I would certainly appreciate some tips if you are willing to share on how to achieve your scale pattern it looks fantastic!
  2. barrybait

    8 inch bait2.jpg

    Beautiful work. Your airbrush work is really precise and the entire lure is beautifully finished. Congrats of a great job.
  3. barrybait


    I mean all your work, I love your small swimmers they look like they would be very effective. I haven't poured any baits. When I foil, like this one, I use a sanding stick to taper the edges so the edges of the foil blend seamlessly into the paint. This nice bone color belly will work just fine.
  4. barrybait


    Nice work Swimb8s. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Best large rattle I made was by using the thin wall brass tubing I got at the hardware store. Use a hack saw to cut the tubing the length of your rattle plus 2 diameters. So if you had 1/2" tubing and wanted a 1" long rattle, cut off a length of tubing 2" long, plus a little extra. Now cut the 1" length tubing with a hack saw in the center of your 2" piece but don't cut it all the way through. Now you have to cut the two end pieces lengthwise on the opposite side of where they are still attached. Use some pliers, a small mandrel, hammer to flatten the end pieces and then fold them over to
  6. barrybait

    foil bait3.jpg

    Beautifully finished. Really looks great. Congrats. Barry
  7. Beautiful work and an interesting lure. Congrats on a job well done. Barry
  8. barrybait


    Nice work Ryan. Beautifully done. Congrats, Barry
  9. Nice work Mark. They look great. For everyone else who is interested, Mark put more details of the build in the comments where he posted the picture in the Gallery.
  10. Looks great Mark. I look forward to seeing you out on the Delta so I can see how it swims. Barry
  11. The attached picture is an original 9" AC Plug Minnow with Allan Cole signature. They sold to Optimum Baits. The top 2 are 7" AC Minnows made by Optimum that I have stripped for repaint. I have been making baits similar to these but with more of a verticle profile like a golden shiner that we have here in the delta. Optimum Baits does not make them anymore. They are productive baits that I want in my tackle box. I may be the responsible person that caused Mark to consider making a bait out of anything except PVC but he has heard the wood knock of my baits. Wood is more trouble but it fi
  12. Their gorgeous. I like the black flake too, it gives it another texture. Beautiful work. Barry
  13. Those baits turned out beautifully. I like this color best but the other color you did has a beautiful pearl belly and side that looks great. Barry
  14. They look awesome Mark. This Covid isolation has got you stepping up your game! Get on 'em!!!
  15. barrybait

    pumpkinseed 8.jpg

    Those all look great Mark! Barry
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