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    8 inch bait2.jpg

    Beautiful work. Your airbrush work is really precise and the entire lure is beautifully finished. Congrats of a great job.
  2. barrybait


    I mean all your work, I love your small swimmers they look like they would be very effective. I haven't poured any baits. When I foil, like this one, I use a sanding stick to taper the edges so the edges of the foil blend seamlessly into the paint. This nice bone color belly will work just fine.
  3. barrybait


    Nice work Swimb8s. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Best large rattle I made was by using the thin wall brass tubing I got at the hardware store. Use a hack saw to cut the tubing the length of your rattle plus 2 diameters. So if you had 1/2" tubing and wanted a 1" long rattle, cut off a length of tubing 2" long, plus a little extra. Now cut the 1" length tubing with a hack saw in the center of your 2" piece but don't cut it all the way through. Now you have to cut the two end pieces lengthwise on the opposite side of where they are still attached. Use some pliers, a small mandrel, hammer to flatten the end pieces and then fold them over to
  5. barrybait

    foil bait3.jpg

    Beautifully finished. Really looks great. Congrats. Barry
  6. Beautiful work and an interesting lure. Congrats on a job well done. Barry
  7. barrybait


    Nice work Ryan. Beautifully done. Congrats, Barry
  8. Nice work Mark. They look great. For everyone else who is interested, Mark put more details of the build in the comments where he posted the picture in the Gallery.
  9. Looks great Mark. I look forward to seeing you out on the Delta so I can see how it swims. Barry
  10. The attached picture is an original 9" AC Plug Minnow with Allan Cole signature. They sold to Optimum Baits. The top 2 are 7" AC Minnows made by Optimum that I have stripped for repaint. I have been making baits similar to these but with more of a verticle profile like a golden shiner that we have here in the delta. Optimum Baits does not make them anymore. They are productive baits that I want in my tackle box. I may be the responsible person that caused Mark to consider making a bait out of anything except PVC but he has heard the wood knock of my baits. Wood is more trouble but it fi
  11. Their gorgeous. I like the black flake too, it gives it another texture. Beautiful work. Barry
  12. Those baits turned out beautifully. I like this color best but the other color you did has a beautiful pearl belly and side that looks great. Barry
  13. They look awesome Mark. This Covid isolation has got you stepping up your game! Get on 'em!!!
  14. barrybait

    pumpkinseed 8.jpg

    Those all look great Mark! Barry
  15. Golden Shiner top water wake bait. Carved/shaped from basswood. Lexan bill and tail, createx paints, D2T epoxy top coat. Dobbed eyes with acrylic paint using drill bit end. Barry
  16. Looks good. I struggle getting a golden shiner pattern I like as well but it looks like you hit a good balance of colors for it. Nice work.
  17. I use LPO belly weights in 3, 4, and 5 grams. But I also use Gremlin barrel sinkers is 1/8 oz and I can twist my wire hook hangers and put it thru the center of the barrel sinker. It works out to be about 3-1/2 grams. After that, for additional weight, I borrowed a drop shot mold and poured a bunch of the largest sizes without using the line swivel. Then I took a hunk of thick steel and drilled a lind of holes in it with each hole getting deeper. Holes are slip fit for the drop shot weights. I slip the drop shot weights in the hole I want and use a wood chisel to cut it to length just s
  18. barrybait


    Beautiful work All Eyes. Great finish. Super clean. Congrats on some great work. Barry
  19. barrybait

    cedar baits2020.jpg

    Nice looking baits. I love that shad pattern you got going on! I am on about my 7th generation shad pattern myself. Barry
  20. Seems to me like you answered your own question That is the difference. You want both. That way you have what the bass want on a particular day. One day they will come to the surface and eat a wake bait. Another day they want the s-shape glide action.
  21. Thanks Dave and Mark for the kind words.
  22. I don't know how National it is but here on the West Coast, USA we hve TAP PLASTICS which sells plexiglass and polycarbonate sheets and all sorts of epoxies. They have a bunch of left over pieces that they sell very reasonably.
  23. Here are a couple of simple homemade tools that are working out well for me and may be of some help to you too. Photos were necessary for clarity. The first two pictures show a simple homemade screweye driver for use in your drill chuck. If you have any access to scrap pieces of stainless steel or steel tubing, the first picture shows a short length of SS tubing that will not fit over the screw eye. By using vise to squeeze the end oblong, it will easily fit the screw eye. The screw eye will not go too far into the tool either because it does not fit into the unflattened tubing. Howe
  24. Your blanks and finished lures look great. Nice work. Barrybait
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