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  1. For those of you who won prizes, I have gathered names, email addresses, etc. and sent them to LPO yesterday. LPO should be sending out the awards via email soon. PLEASE BE PATIENT Thanks you!
  2. How long you've been a member doesn't get taken into account when it comes to judging. Quality of finish is one of the factors that is used, as well as several others. Try again next year.
  3. @T.Morgan @mdojet @Lisa McNeese @Ryan V @Funky Paint Lures @bigelures @Matt Thayer - RI @HappyHookerLures @Slow Town Custom Lures @Travis @FishDaddy401 @foxbites @Tejmohan Sawhney @Tim Johnso @T.N.T. Bass Bugs @MCiciulla @tjzman @gekhang Congratulations on taking a prize in the 2021 lure contest. Please send me a private message with the following three pieces of info, so your LPO gift certificate can be emailed to you. 1 - The email address you want it sent to 2 - Your First and Las
  4. Here are the winners of the 2021 lure contest. As always, choosing the winners was tough. Keep up the great work! Best Custom Painted Hardbait 1 - T.Morgan - 2 - mdojet - 3 - Lisa McNeese - Best Homemade Hardbait 1 - Ryan V - 2 - Funky Paint Lures - 3 - bigelures - Best Wire Bait 1 - Matt Thayer - RI - 2 - HappyHookerLures - 3 - Slow Town Custom Lures - Best Soft Bait 1 - Travis - 2 - FishDaddy4
  5. The 2021 Coolest Lure Contest is now closed. I will be going through and eliminating any duplicates, entries that need to be deleted, etc. We will be judging during the next two weeks. I will post here with updates as needed.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I did know what DQ was referring to. I just didn't know exactly what you were referring to with regard to being disqualified. I checked the Wire Bait category and didn't see any entries there from you. If you had posted an entry and it's now gone, it's likely due to the photo (or photos) you entered not meeting the criteria of the rules. This would have caused it to be deleted, with no questions asked. As for being DQ'd permanently, no. You get another opportunity before the deadline for the contest. Just submit another photo of your entry, being sure to
  7. Not sure what you're referring to with the DQ. Can you clarify?
  8. The bait looks great, but I prefer that you submit a single photo. If you wish to show multiple angles, please submit a photo collage. Thanks
  9. As a side note, please upload your entries in JPG format, not PNG. The system will not process PNG images, They will show up blank.
  10. Oh, Dave... if this was only true
  11. The gallery for the 2021 lure contest is now live. Please read the rules before submitting an entry! Every year I have to spend hours deleting multiple photos because people haven't read the rules or followed them. Please help me by following the rules. https://www.tackleunderground.com/contest-pages/contest-rules/ As a side note, please upload your entries in JPG format, not PNG. The system will not process PNG images, They will show up blank.
  12. Hey gang, the 2021 Coolest Lure Contest officially starts at 12 PM (Eastern Time) on March1, 2021! Please be sure to read the rules before submitting an entry! https://www.tackleunderground.com/contest-pages/contest-rules/ Here's the info: Contest Schedule Lure Submissions: March 1 - March 31 Contest Judging: April 1 - April 15 Winners Announced: April 16 Prizes Awarded: April 17 Prizes The following prizes will be awarded for each category: 1st prize - $100 2nd prize - $50 3rd prize - $25 Criteria for Judging Overall Appearance Originality Comp
  13. Hey gang, I had to perform a software update tonight that messed up the look of the site a little bit. Please bear with me as we work to restore everything to normal. It might take up to 48 hours to get that done, but the site is still usable in the meantime. Thanks in advance for your patience. Curt
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