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  1. Give it time I have been a member of Fishhound.com for a while it takes a while to get that first packet, but it will show
  2. Hey y'all have any of u considered using fish hound for getting your products out there! Looking into it will keep y'all know more!
  3. Hey boss I hear you i am one of those new guys pouring soft plastics but still have been wanting to do it forever and now i am working to get my foot in the door you know...Dream started 15 years ago and just started now!
  4. I am currently looking into starting my own soft plastic buisness and all i find is the premade molds. I guess the question is that I want to make a buisness but am unsure if i make lures with these molds if I am able to call them mine. I also was wondering if anyone can give me a website or place to get custom molds made. Any advice for starting my buisness would be amazing thank you...once i am up and running will send everyone who gives me sounds advice free samples.
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