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  1. Some new molds cut recently. Jerkbait in 3 sizes: 100mm,70mm and 50mm. Lovely action similar like Salmo Slider. See more on my Facebook page and subscribe.
  2. Thanks. Maybe in future I'll make some tutorial "How to..."
  3. It takes about 30 mins before demolding. There's no size restriction realy - my CNC machine has got big working area and could cut lures even 30 inches long
  4. Hi, If the mold is aluminium and smooth enough - never had problems with getting lures out but usulally apply some release agent every couple of casts - certainly it helps to get them out easier.
  5. Thanks. Yes it's time consuming - many stages and various equipment involved to produce mold. Prices in my case depend on the size of the lure, how complex design is and how many cavieties, but molds last forever. However prices that you've said are pretty high as I would charge 25-30% of what they ask.
  6. More dense foam - less buoyant and vice versa, It's more or less the same like with balsa wood.
  7. Hi, Foam expands x8 it's nearly as hard as oak, there's no need to seal foam which is big advantage when compared with wood - where small leak is able to damage lure because it expands and change its properties from eg. floater - suspender to sinker. Foam doesn't require any seal. I use foam in my jerkbaits and comparing with wood construction there's little chance that it could be "demolished" by musky or pike, nothing is glued - there's through wire with placed weight on it.
  8. Hi Mark, I'll try to answer your questions It takes few hours (depending on size and no cavities) to cut mold as there're few stages: roughing, finishing, drilling, placing pegs. But before you run it on CNC it has to be designed on computer and changed into toolpaths. I use urethane expanding high density foam which is very hard - fill cavities with right amount of foam and put to halfs together, obviously there're wire and weights already in mold. Than just wait untill foam sets and ready to open. That's more or less the way it's made.
  9. Thanks. When I'll find time I will place more videos and photos.
  10. Hi Guys, I'm new on the forum and I'd like to share with you my way of making custom lures. I use my CNC machine to make aluminium molds, my lures are made of hard urethane foam. Smallest lures are just 15mm long This model I make in 4 different sizes : 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm made for ultra light and light spinning. Here you have few different models to compare sizes, biggest banana shape are 50mm long and the smallest 15mm. Regards Custom Lure Factory
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