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  1. 1 bass tackle 660 4cav swim bait retail 179 asking 165 shipped 1 bass tackle 552 creature 4 cav retail 134 asking 125 shipped 1 angling ai 2 cav skirt mold retail 79 asking 70. 2 4 cavity craw molds - I think these are with bass tackle or btsmolds, can't recall. 110 Each shipped Feel free to shoot me offers but bearin mind I'm eating the PayPal fees and shipping. Respect both of our time.
  2. army-boot

    Multiple Molds For Sale

    I have these listed in several places. 2 Cavity Bobs Tackle Split Tail Injection/Handpour - $85 (Retails $97) 2 Cavity Lake Side Craw - $50 (I think this is an old LS mold, but I'm not 100% certain. See pics attached) 4 Cavity Basstackle Magic Worm - $110 ($126 Retail) 3 Single Cavity Basstackle 538 Creature Molds - $55 Each ($69 Retail) Bears baits large Kodiak (I think that's what it is) - $50 Big creature no idea where it's from - $50 Enforcer lizard - $35 (retail $45) Keep in mind prices are shipped to your door I'm eating the shipping and PayPal fees. Only trades I'm looking for is the bait junky standard tw or possibly some swimbait molds. Thanks for looking. If the pictures did not embed I created an imgur album located here: https://imgur.com/a/DWu6nBK
  3. I have placed an order and received a mold. Took about 3 weeks.
  4. I placed a new order about a month ago and received it in 3 weeks. Don't mean to hijack the thread, just relaying info.
  5. I drove by their listed address and don't think it's there anymore. Someone said he might be working out of a different space or his garage. I'll let you know if I receive it. Took a gamble on his roboworm mold. The one at basstackle is just so much more expensive.
  6. A couple of guys on facebook plastic groups have ordered recently and received their molds. I placed an order yesterday on their 155 drop shot mold. Cheap enough for me to take a chance and if it's reasonable I'll place another order.
  7. I'm always looking to try new things, which brand do you use that reheats as well with less bubbles? I got a little less than a gallon left so its almost time to order some more.
  8. I have to agree. I've reheated several colors up to 5 times and no discoloration or scorching. The micro bubbles are definitely there, but I just try and stir them to the sides. Overall I'm quite pleased with it.
  9. Wow thats odd. I'd probably end up with the laminate plate and tip as I do not have a dual injector. Sent one more email to bts inquiring about their version. If I don't hear back next week I think i'll probably pull the trigger.
  10. I've used it and like it. I don't do a ton of pouring, just for myself. It definitely separates, but it is super easy to mix up by hand. It reheats very well also. Definitely has some micro bubbles but they seem to seek out the top and sides and as long as I bury the injector into the plastic don't seem to have an issue with it.
  11. Agreed, I have a few of their molds and never had any issues. They are literally 2-3 miles form my house. I've driven by, but never stopped :-) Why would you pass on the lam plate? I was thinking all three myself but the price is quite high! The reason BTs was so compelling was their slide bar mold is I believe 149 and a lami plate would be well under the price of just the mold from bass tackle. Hate being that guy but the molds are so similar... I know a few people have been getting orders, I emailed them probably a month or so ago and they said they were taking orders... They were local to me too but I'm not sure if they ever moved their shop.
  12. I'm looking for a robo worm mold and I see basstackle has the 156. Bob's also offers something similar for much less, although 2 less cavities. I know people have ordered from him recently and received orders, but not sure I'm willing to bite just yet. Does anyone have experience with the basstackle worm?
  13. It takes a while to receive molds from them usually.
  14. Beautiful color combo! Looks just like mornign dawn! Well done.
  15. Angling AI makes amazing stuff. http://anglingai.com/dsm12-4-drop-shot-minna-12-cavity/ is my go to drop shot mold. I've caught more fish than I can count on this thing. Laminate plate works perfectly with it as well. Been eyeing that tee tail mold for a long time as well. Bass tackle has a dream shot clone that looks promising as well.
  16. I have Angling AIs twin tail grub mold and think its perfect if you want that style. I have the BJs one too, both are fantastic. Twin tail grubs are by far my most used jig trailer.
  17. What would happen if you poured two colors at once? Looks like an interesting idea.
  18. I've got the 4in Angling AI stinger as well as several other beaver style molds. THey're great. I just purchased some similar molds from ebay as well.
  19. Hey guys, several molds for sale. BTs 552 - Used it maybe once or twice. Retails 134 asking 115 shipped Old Bjs Small finesse worm with tip mold asking 50 shipped Old Bjs 7.5 Inch worm - Asking 50 shipped Old Bjs Fish tail worm - Asking 60 shipped Basstackle 7.5 inch worm. I think its closer to 10 inch hanging. Asking 115 shipped. Haven't sold a ton of molds, so if these prices are out of line let me know. Most of these molds have been shot only once or twice and just been sitting. If you want to trade I'm looking for swimbait molds currently. Bass tackle 696/697, Ultra molds hollow swimbait mold. Also certain Bob's swimbait molds.
  20. Try adding a couple drops if white to it. When plastisol is heated it's clear. Clear + chartreuse is still going to be kind if clear. The white should add a little opacity and help it out.
  21. The PBJ one is the 4inch Angling AI grub mold.Just a hair shorter and wider. The 5inch would probably be identical, I plan on picking it up as well.
  22. I use the Angling AI 3.75 inch mold
  23. I'd be happy to send you some if you'd like to see in person. I believe I have the smaller size.
  24. Angling AI has 4 and 5 inch. I have the 4 inch with the skirt mold and you'd be hard pressed to find any differences.
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