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  1. Good to know. Sounds like putting it in the bag is probably the only choice if using it.
  2. Interesting using that for jig trailers. It would sure cut down on smallmouth ripping the tails off of a swimming chunk.
  3. Welcome back. Since you already have everything yo you need you could always buy a vacuum chamber if you don't have it now too incase it's as slowFish said & it has drawn moisture that way you'd have all of the bases covered.
  4. Figure out what plastisol you're going to use at a cost per gallon basis then divide that into how many ounces per shot it takes to make the senkos. Most everything i make i do either 4 or 6 ounces at a time so i could easily figure it up as far as how much the plastisol costs per shot, but don't forget about covering the cost of glitter, colorant, hardner, softner etc. on top of that to get a good close idea. That's not figuring anything for your time, federal excise tax or any other cost that may go along with it.
  5. Les Young


    Pretty cool.
  6. Man Bob that's some names right there.
  7. If he's actually wanting to be legit than you'll have to figure federal excise tax in too on top of everything else . There's several guys here that can explain it to you or use the search function & look it up. Most of us start out thinking that then realize how much time is involved & usually just end up making stuff for ourselves & buddys. Maybe trade some with other bait makers for stuff they make is pretty enjoyable too. If i were doing it as a kid i'd just do it on a cash basis & know who i was dealing with.
  8. Oh no doubt. I was just giving an example of what i do for firming up tubes. I know salt water plastic should be harder so i figured straight hard would be way better for them.
  9. A word of advice is to think about what the main bait you throw every time you fish & buy it first. This is a hobby that can get very expensive real quick like. lol My first mold that i bought was a basstackle bt flipping hog( baby brush hog) because i throw it a whole lot. I also bought a 6 ounce basstackle injector because after asking was told they were the best on the market & i agree now. Next i bought two 4" shz molds because i throw the crap out of super hogs in the summer. Then added here & there & have 30 molds now & growing which is a a couple thousand dollars
  10. I don't know how hard salt water swimbaits are suppose to be, but medium pourasol lureworks is some great stuff for normal bass lures. I will mix 50 % hard to medium when i'm making tubes, but other than that i've never have a problem with it whatsoever.
  11. i've had some of Curt"s ribbon tail worm molds & they have all kinds of action so i feel plenty confident that these will too.
  12. Top inject the port where you stick you r injector in will come in above the cavities & feed straight down like a lot of swim bait molds do. Look at the do-it slick shiner mold for a good example of a top inject mold. By the way there is no stupid question when it comes to learning this hobby. Believe me we have all asked a bunch of questions when trying to learn what usually ends up being an enjoyable & addictive hobby to boot.
  13. Give the gloves a try to see if it helps. Could it be plastic drawing moisture out of the air from humidity? When i first started using baitplastics though i thought that it was spongy feeling & put of more oils & than either the lureworks or the calhouns that baitjunkys sold which is the two brands of plastisol i had used at the time. After i let the baits cure awhile they turned out great & baitplastics is all i've used since. I leave baits hanging for months & never have a dull one. I just orderd 5 gallons the other day & 1 gallon of it is their hard so i'll see i
  14. You may well be right. When i up size the pic it looks to have a very light purple hue on my computer screen which is why i thought possibly violet.
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