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  1. Angling ai is the best i've had.
  2. A person could take a dremel tool & put the company name & info on them if absolutely necessary too. Just a thought.
  3. I'd say the flat bottom molds are for folks that want to imitate a hand pour which as you know is usually flat bottomed.
  4. Netbait makes a finesse worm that has a flat bottom. Can't think of the name but i have some in the boat.
  5. Les Young


    I always burp the injector too.
  6. I use an angling ai tube mold & i mix hard & soft plastic 50/50 to get the durability i want but i only texas rig them too. They have good action & last a while this way.
  7. Man that's weird. No clue what the problem could be.
  8. I've had the oily baits when i first started using it a few years ago. Now i hang them by the sprue until i use them which could be quite some time & they are as good a bait as i've ever had.
  9. Bryan if you think of it please post.
  10. I pitch mine into a pan of water until they're cooled off & then i hang them by the sprue until time to use them.
  11. I think they all look good.
  12. I wait 3 minutes myself for my aluminium molds.
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