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  1. I think we all have a little redneck in us.
  2. If you want some cheap redneck core shot stick baits do like i did. I cut a pin flag shaft to the length i wanted & dipped it in worm oil for a release agant & then hand dipped it in the color plastic i wanted the core to be. I then stuck them in the cavities of an essential series 5" senko mold & injected. After cooling off i opened the mold & got ahold of the little bit of rod sticking out of the tapered end of the baits & walla a redneck way to do it, but do have a core shot stickbait. And best of all i already had everything so it was essentially free & a good ex
  3. Steve, just letting you know that you probably ain't going to get an answer because this is a 2010 thread.
  4. Baitjunkys makes an 8 incher they call the monster grub. Spike it is the exclusive dealer for Leonards molds so you could check there.
  5. Hate to hear that. I have a couple of his molds & they’re great. My favorite too.
  6. Yes i add more if the appendages are to clear. It just so happens the other day i was making black with blue flake jig trailers & the leg part was way to clear for me so i doubled the amount of drops of colorant & they look great now.
  7. There's also quality injector & more that make injectors too.
  8. The do-it ripper is about as close as it comes. I have the essential series, but not in a 4". PM sent
  9. Does take a while to get them from the Ukraine, but when nobody else makes stuff we want it doesn't leave us that make our own baits much of a choice. I've ordered a half dozen from bugmolds.net & have one on order now. The artificial stone molds are what i've ordered & they have all worked excellent.
  10. I use medium baitplastics myself & never use softener because i think my baits are plenty soft. If i want a bait firmer i just replace some of the medium with hard. Most times i work in 4 ounce batches so it works easy for me.
  11. I use baitplastics, but at that price i sure won't be using it.
  12. Les Young


    Looks like red bug instead of junebug on my iPhone too.
  13. Les Young


    There's a thread on here somewhere where i asked authentic handmade from the ukraine what size he used. I'm thinking 3 cm. outer diameter & 3mm. thickness is what he told me for a dual injector 120 which would be two 60 ml. injectors so that should be the size needed for the 45 ml. i'd think.
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