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  1. 100 % true right here. I've got a few colorants that i'll probably never use & have sold & gave away several molds that i just had to have & then didn't use after i got them. As far as selling goes i could sale all i want, but I already have a job i work 10 hours a day 6 days a week most times. I'll help a buddy out if i have time, but that's about it. I also enjoy making stuff & swapping with others for their stuff which is pretty fun. You'll get some neat stuff doing it this way.
  2. I use plastic squeeze clamps from walmart & if enough room i put them in upper 2 corners, lower 2 corners & a one in between those if the mold is tall enough. Something like say some of the essential series molds like the 5 cavity ripper swimbait mold that has 2 injection ports i clamp in each corner & then one to the inside of each injection port with just enough clearance for my injector & don't have any problems.Nowadays after figuring out how well the squeeze clamps worked I only use screws with 2 molds & that's because of the way their layed out.
  3. Try placing a cold mold that you're not shooting between the molds that you're shooting. I've had issues like you're talking about before & i did this to help draw heat from the ones i was shooting which sort of made a heay sync & it worked great. Worth a shot anyway.
  4. I've wondered about it. Also wonder how the essential series frog is?
  5. Is the croaker the 4" version? Thanks
  6. I have a single cavity artificial stone version of the horny toad that i bought to try & like it, but i think i'd rather have something with paddle feet myself that will cause more of a disturbance on retrieve without much trouble turning over. i can pick up hollow bodies when i want to try them so that's not a problem.
  7. I've been throwing the zoom horny toad some lately & see several different styles of soft plastic frogs. What's everybody's favorites so i can look for a mold? Thanks
  8. Yep that's cool. I'd be very happy with the equipment to do that myself.
  9. Sorry to hear. Prayers sent.
  10. The new essential series xl shiner & xl ripper swimbait molds from do-it are others that will laminate easy & aren't very expensive if having a flat finish instead of getting a shiny one like a cnc machined mold doesn't bother you. Zeiners is a great place to get them if you do.
  11. I'd say Bassboys & McLuvin are right. Makes to me that thicker material would burn when we'd normally be pretty much expecting the same pourable consistency when infact it probably never will get as thin as the other,
  12. How many ounces are you heating at one time? Maybe i've just been lucky, but i haven't burnt any of medium or the hard either one.
  13. If mine hadn't been a gift i'd have bought the baitjunkys mold because it makes one fine looking worm & as close to the ole monster as it gets.
  14. Does credit card debt count as trouble?
  15. I have the 11" smoothy ribbon tail worm mold from fatguys molds & really like it. Big ribbon tail close to the ole monster tail & i have flat caught them on it this summer. May be another good option for you.
  16. Are there certain colors you're looking for ?
  17. Yep depending on the colorant used will decide how much white is needed. Sometimes I use a pencil lead sized drop & that’s all that’s needed
  18. I think we all have a little redneck in us.
  19. If you want some cheap redneck core shot stick baits do like i did. I cut a pin flag shaft to the length i wanted & dipped it in worm oil for a release agant & then hand dipped it in the color plastic i wanted the core to be. I then stuck them in the cavities of an essential series 5" senko mold & injected. After cooling off i opened the mold & got ahold of the little bit of rod sticking out of the tapered end of the baits & walla a redneck way to do it, but do have a core shot stickbait. And best of all i already had everything so it was essentially free & a good experiment.
  20. Steve, just letting you know that you probably ain't going to get an answer because this is a 2010 thread.
  21. Baitjunkys makes an 8 incher they call the monster grub. Spike it is the exclusive dealer for Leonards molds so you could check there.
  22. Hate to hear that. I have a couple of his molds & they’re great. My favorite too.
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