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  1. Is it not the 733 HD craw from basstacklke? Never mind i see that you found that it is.
  2. I made a bunch of 3/4 ounce night time spinnerbaits with the lurecraft heavy duty frames & put extra number 6 deep cup colorado blades on them & they worked great. Done good slow rolling & worked real good yoyoing them. The smallmouth eventually tore them up too buit it was fun while they were & caught some pigs on them too.
  3. I have a d i y heavy duty press fashioned after the lurecraft press & put a piece of 2x6 under it but think i'll give Leonards idea a try the next time i'm at walmart.
  4. Yep there's not a thing wrong with Ozark Trail baits. Just like any other brand of baits they all have some good ones & they all have some that may not be as good as the next but all brands have some that will catch fish. We use to use a bait that actually got us made fun of by some guys saying we were crappie fishing. Well guess what after winning 1st & big fish the next 6 times straight they didn't make so much fun of us again. I really enjoyed when they asked what we caught them on & laughing when telling them & they thought i was lying to them. A shame it wasn't a big name brand or color anybody thought would catch fish.
  5. I think it's the 4" double dipper that i have but it's definitely a top notch mold. It has 5 notched rods & if you use the top notch you can make tubes with a half inch solid head or put the rod in the lower notch & make standard hollow tubes. I've used mine a whole lot. Bob at cncmolds& things also makes a couple affordable tube molds too. Either mold whether Angling ai or bobs you'll have to cut the tails your self. That doesn't bother me a bit but it does some folks. I made a beefed up version somewhat based off of lurecrafts press using the deluxe tail splitter & it's simple. Just dip each tube in worm oil & give it a good solid press once or twice & you're ready to go. You won't have to worry about whichever mold you purchase. I only texas rig my tubes so i mix 50-50 medium to hard plastic & mine hold up well.
  6. still for sale or trade on crappie lure molds
  7. What are those that crappie fish favorite molds to make your own lures?
  8. Great mold that has only been shot 3 times to make a total of 12 grubs. I will also consider trading for crappie lure molds since getting into livescoping them. Let me know what you've got.
  9. Also if you're making two different colors one will get hot way before the other if ones dark & ones a light color so keep that in mind which also means remelts usually act the same way too.
  10. It's a little different until it cures than what you're use to. To me it seems like it's a wetter plastic, but works great in my opinion. I've used lureworks & calhouns both & like bait plastics just as much after i got use to it & never notice it anymore. Never have a problem with heat yellowing it when remelting either. I'll use either of the 3 without question but haven't used anything besides baitplastics the last few years.
  11. Wasn't long after i started having to heat longer that mine quit.
  12. I'm a believer in scents at times & this proves it without a doubt.
  13. Salt & pepper, a sapphire blue like zooms , add it to junebug, redbug etc. . Heck you could add it to anything to make it just a tad different which at times could very well be the difference between hero & zero. You're only limited by your imagination.
  14. Seems odd to get build up like that. A buddy gave me a hand pour brush hog mold once that had a lot of build up on it. I don't have a clue what he was doing but I scrubbed with soap & water & finally got it clean. After i started using it it never did it again. I figured he wasn't getting his plastic fully cured. I did take some aircraft stripper to a bunch of essential series molds i painted with hi tempo paint that didn't cure right & they actually made better looking baits than they did before i painted them. The ground was grey from all of the aluminium that came off when spraying them with it so that may have had something to do with it.
  15. Man id like to have one & know how to make molds with them.
  16. I use worm oil the first few shots with the artificial stone molds & then never have to again. I'm not sure if it somehow does something to the pores on them but after a few shot's that's it & i have some i've been shooting pretty regular for several years now & never do anything other then clamp them good & tight & inject & after 3 minutes demold. When they start getting hot i'll let them cool for a little while, but I've shot 6 dozen jig trailers in just a little while It also seems the more yellow colored molds release better than the white ones do. May be a little difference in the material somehow.
  17. I have several popular jig trailer molds in artificial stone. I have a couple of the horny toad molds too & adjusting the amount of colorant sometimes works great for baits made with them.I usually use just a little less colorant so they won't be as dull. These molds also laminate really good too.
  18. Would a drop of white in the clear plastic with the hi lite added not get extremely close?
  19. I couldn't get ahold of them sometimes but i've never had the least bit of a problem with them.
  20. Just a heads up on this old thread but i ended up doing some trading with Frank & got a dual injector off of him that has two 6 ouncers & glad i did. I also like that fact that I can also take it apart if making single colors & with the other 6 ouncer i have can shoot 18 ounces at a time to pump out a bunch of lures pretty quick.
  21. harbor freight acid wash brush dipped in worm oil
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