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  1. Very nice. I have a kit i bought several years ago & haven't built yet. I have actually gave a buddy some eyes out of it so i'd have to buy more just to build it.
  2. I'd say you could use something like a nail , bigger wire etc sort of like a small dowel rod to slide inside & glue or epoxy inplace & then epoxy where it is joined back together & do a little thread work too & it would work pretty good. May not be a pretty as when new but a whole lot cheaper than buying a new one & wouldn't look that bad either. I'd give it a shot if it was mine for sure.
  3. Injector get the basstackle. It's 6 ounces & has a safety pin keeper to avoid the nozzle coming off when shooting hot plastic & as good as they come.
  4. I just put my sprue & any left over plastic in folgers coffee cans. I just stick the injector nozzle deep into the plastic if any bubbles appear when heating in the microwave & never have a problem.
  5. No clur how but my response to the tow fatguys fishing thread got posted to the wrong threads. I've had molds from all the main mold makers make top notch stuff
  6. Mike i have 3 or 4 molds of theirs molds & they're top notch. I like all of mine & haven't had any problems with either of them. No need to worry about them.
  7. Are you getting your plastic to hot or are yoiui injecting the basstackle mold to fast? Are you holding pressure for a few seconds after shooting it? Just asking because i've never had any issues whatsoever with any basstackle molds that i have.
  8. I ujst got the 2" ba series stinger tail shad mold a couple weeks ago & then also bought a 60 cavity tail mold. Both are outstanding molds & haven't had any problem whatsoever.
  9. This mold you shoot 10 bodies in one side then transfer them to the other side to inject the tails whatever color you want. Only shot around 5 times & works great. I just use the Fatguys Fishing 2" stinger tail shad mold & the do-it flap jack molds more. I would be interested in trading for 2" crappie grub mold or a crappie fluke & mo magic molds too
  10. You'll definitely like that mold. Josh makes some outstanding molds. His tube molds are great too & everything else i've had from him have been the same way.
  11. I'll have to see if i still have any in the boat & if i do i sure will.
  12. Lurecraft has a 5" curl tail grub that has to be stretched very tight to be a 5 incher that is a great grub. Also do-its 3" essential grub is another great grub thta's very affordable. I use it in sapphire blue on jigs for smallmouth in bright moonlight & they crush it. Very good sturdy bait that holds up well too.
  13. check out the 4" MC worm mold from angfling ai. It will probably suit you & one thing about it is it will be a top notch mold for sure like all of the rest of his molds. He also has a 4' paddle tail worm mold too.
  14. Al there are some nice colors in there.
  15. No doubt Bob will try to do you right.
  16. I would just do a 4 ounce batch & see how many you get out of that & multiply it by 32. If selling baits i personally wouldn't figure remelting the sprue into it because that will be pure profit. Say you get 5 stick baits for every 4 oz. batch X 32 would be 160 baits divided into the cost of a gallon of plastic at 50.00 which is pretty high because it can be bought cheaper. That would be a little over 31 cents a piece plus cost of glitter softener etc. would get you around 40 cents per bait. This is just a rough estimate, but anyway you get the idea. Then the remelted sprue can be used to reduce your cost for those 160 baits you just made by seeing how many you can make out of it which in turn means more profit. You're probably going to get at a minimium another 40 out of the sprue which is atleast 200 baits per gallon & that drops the cost to 25 cents a piece leaving you at $6..25 per 25 pack.
  17. Yes they do. I traded a 4" heart throb hula grub mold for some crappie molds about a month ago only because i wasn't using it. It was like every other mold i have from Josh & it was outstanding. Ain't going wrong with angling ai for sure.
  18. I have a 5" single tale from Lurecraft & it shoots good & makes a grub with quite a bit of action too.
  19. Lurecrafts black grape is a nice color. I started making some big 11” junebug ribbon tail worms with it & they really look nice. Just use it & figure out how many drops per ounce it takes to suit you.
  20. I have a pint bottle with worm oil in it that i oil my injector with. I just remove tip & put a little in & replace tip then pull plunger back & stick tip into pint bottle & squirt back into it. Does a great job of lubricating. You can also take injector apart & put some on rag & drag through tube to clean. I also use the same oil in the pint bottle to add a few drops when bagging baits to lubricate them. After awhile there will be some pieces of different colored plastisol in it from lubricating after evacuating after leftover plastic after injecting & when i get a bunch in it i use all i can of it & then dump the rest in the trash. I buy worm oil by the gallon so a pint isn't much & i've used the same pint for a long time.
  21. Sorry i meant i used it for making skirts that i wanted to flare out when at rest which it did & had great movement.
  22. I've used the floatant material from baitplastics at a 25% ratio for skirts that i wanted to faler out when at rest & it worked great. I also used them in stick worms & they worked great. I did have to add more colorant because it bleaches out the color but that's easy enough to do.
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