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  1. Funny thing... I don't know how you missed the piece of info I DID share - using brass or nickel plated bullet weights with the middle drilled out. These worked great! Used these for a long time until I figured out a better way to produce a premium insert. Sorry that holding onto my info seems to chap you a little bit. Nothing personal - I spent many late nights, early mornings and a small fortune figuring out what I now use. Why would I just give that away?? I already SHARED a great starting point. Its more than I had when I started and is more than a lot of people need to figure out a better insert option.
  2. The effect you're after can be gotten by doing a lighter more translucent color mixed with a colored pearl powder. Try to picture the top shelf and the fringe without any pearl additives in you mind - you'll immediately notice that the colors are very translucent. That's the first step to getting it right - use slightly less color and more pearl powder. That helps create that seamless blend because the hard lines of changing color are replaced by a pearl transition. The next step is finding the right blends of colors/pearls to create your effect.
  3. The way we create ours now is much simpler than this option and more effective - and it stays in the bait very well. Hard to sell a premium swimbait when the insert tears out of the lure!
  4. We drilled the small hole out with a 7/64" bit to make the hole in the middle of the weight wider to accommodate the insert rod
  5. I don't want to give too much info away here but I literally spent a year trying to find a product that would work well as an insert. We mainly use the 605 line through mold at Reflexion and started out with the inserts Basstackle made. I never liked how they would pop out of the nose after only a little use. I'm not kidding when I say I tried 15 different kinds of materials ranging from powder coated lead to aluminum rivets with varying degrees of success. I don't want to give away what we use now but one of the best things I found to work before landing on the insert we currently use was brass or nickel bullet weights in 1/4 or 3/8 ounces. We actually coat ours with a clear paint type material that helps the plastic stick to the metal better but if you reverse the weight (concave end facing upwards towards the nose) there is enough resistance from the plastic on the round concave end of the weight to keep it in place through multiple hooksets. I'd suggest using a split ring on the treble underneath also - keeps the hook eye from pulling into the cavity and pushing the weight up and out of the nose. Worked well for us for a long time! And not sure why my computer corrected "push out" to "Plaster of Paris" but it did...
  6. Thanks Rickimaro - yes I have a website. Check out reflexionswimbaits.com we also have a pretty sizeable instagram following. I do give aways through my instagram page so if you have an account follow us @reflexionswimbaits
  7. Have 3 Presto Pots available for sale. Purchased new and used maybe 6 times. Thought we could use them to triple pour our swimbaits but the triple pour action I use works better for me if I use pyrex cups. Nothing wrong at all with these pots - will make a great addition to someone's shop! Will sell individually or as a set of three. Price firm though. PM me with details. Shipping in an additional expense but I will give you the lowest price I can find.
  8. This seasonal favorite absolutely kills in murkier water conditions. That tail!!
  9. ReflexionSwimbaits

    Light Hitch

    Light Hitch does really well in those super clear waters where realistic presentations are key to lure finicky bass!
  10. ReflexionSwimbaits


    One of the more realistic patterns. Drives fish crazy in clear water! Visit reflexionswimbaits.com to see all the baits available
  11. Curt - line through just means that the line passes through the bait and ties to a free treble hook on the bottom. Great way to throw a big nice bait because after the hookset the bait slides up the line out of the fishes mouth so it doesn't get chewed up as much!
  12. Thanks donak! Fishnart - yes I do. I started a small business a little over a year ago and keeping up with everything has been crazy. My company name is Reflexion Swimbaits and my website it reflexionswimbaits.com
  13. Thanks! This is a 5" line through triple poured with a clear belly, black top with blue pearl and a red vein. The belly color has large holographic flakes. I use a special nickel plated insert unique to Reflexion Swimbaits.
  14. I had the same problem... best thing I ever did was start vacuum degassing the virgin plastisol before I heated it up. Works perfectly... I can heat up any amount and if I let the vacuum chamber do its job I have zero bubbles. I didn't have the money to buy a chamber so I built one from a harbor freight vacuum pump, my wife's stock pot (don't tell her), and a piece of 1/2" acrylic. Instructions on youtube!
  15. I started as a hobby by reading and learning right here on TU and am in the process of going full time. I definitely agree with starting with injection molding over hand pouring unless you're wanting to do something that requires a hand pour. Baitjunkys plastic is the way to go... Honestly have fun and make mistakes - best way to learn!
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