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  1. I store mine in the throw away plastic containers for the grocery store .I don’t store in bags. I lay the baits flat the put a piece of card stock down for the next layer of baits. I can store 300-400 stick worms this way.
  2. The Ukrainian mold maker sells molds that are close. Bait molds .com. I have the 3.8 fat impact. It’s pretty close no hook slot but it doesn’t matter to me. The only thing I will say is that it takes forever to get a mold from them. Usually about a month to two. the color looks like a watermelon green to me.
  3. I got the email from them . I though it was pretty expensive. Not that I won’t spend money.lol. I was curious about colorant and using it in the bait making process. I don’t mind the learning process but at that price I don’t want to mess up much.
  4. I got sparkle violet .I use it for my version of electric minnow and I have to use a ton of it to get the effect
  5. Lurecraft and M and F , to name a few. Either of them should have what you need.
  6. I use m and f Chartreuse non-bleed for a summer-craw laminate I use a lot. It is a pretty opaque chartreuse, I have to use quite a bit to really get it to contrast well against a dark color.I agree with adding some white it should help . I went through a lot of brands before I settled on it for that reason.
  7. Chartreuse black flake is what i use m and f colorant .
  8. Only problem I have is it muddles the color like salt .
  9. I would start with a tablespoon maybe two in 4 ounces. That will make the claws float really high on a 702 craw mold
  10. I have always used worm salt. At the being I ground salt and it’s a pia which is why I stopped. To each their own:-) i will add this though, I add my salt to cold plastic and heat it all together. I’ve had great luck with it over the years . Mine does not clump at all . Which ever way you go good luck . Experimentation it’s part of the fun of this and keeps it interesting! p.s I keep a small bag of dry white rice in a perforated bag in my salt container it keeps the moisture at bay.
  11. A paddle mixer on a drill is best to mix.
  12. +1 on yellow, but not much it doesn’t take much. Also keep written track of what you make it will help in the long run.
  13. A pex stub out .... brilliant !!!
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