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  1. Lurecraft and M and F , to name a few. Either of them should have what you need.
  2. I use m and f Chartreuse non-bleed for a summer-craw laminate I use a lot. It is a pretty opaque chartreuse, I have to use quite a bit to really get it to contrast well against a dark color.I agree with adding some white it should help . I went through a lot of brands before I settled on it for that reason.
  3. Chartreuse black flake is what i use m and f colorant .
  4. Only problem I have is it muddles the color like salt .
  5. I would start with a tablespoon maybe two in 4 ounces. That will make the claws float really high on a 702 craw mold
  6. I have always used worm salt. At the being I ground salt and it’s a pia which is why I stopped. To each their own:-) i will add this though, I add my salt to cold plastic and heat it all together. I’ve had great luck with it over the years . Mine does not clump at all . Which ever way you go good luck . Experimentation it’s part of the fun of this and keeps it interesting! p.s I keep a small bag of dry white rice in a perforated bag in my salt container it keeps the moisture at bay.
  7. A paddle mixer on a drill is best to mix.
  8. +1 on yellow, but not much it doesn’t take much. Also keep written track of what you make it will help in the long run.
  9. A pex stub out .... brilliant !!!
  10. That’s a loaded question . Lol! You’ll get tons of answers. Me? I use medium to med hard bait plastic brand . Something like a 3.8 size I use med. With larger like 5 or 6 I use med hard.
  11. I use an iwata eclipse airbrush. No puddle. It took a lot of practice to het it right.
  12. If you have clear you can make your own black with black plastisol colorant mixed with clear.
  13. Sb coat black paint. Either with an airbrush or a dowel rod of the appropriate size.
  14. Frank is right as usual. You can also disconnect the tie bar on the twin shooter and pulse each injector. What I have done in the past was to take multiple molds and clamp them together and use 1/2 inch copper tee ,some 90’s and pipe to make a runner system. I found out the more room”mold count” the better the results.
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