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  1. Frank- They say 1 LB is equivalent to 1 gallon.
  2. Dip then wait one hour and dip again. This seems to be the best for me. I would recommend cleaning any eyes/holes you want open while still wet. If you keep the storage container as close to full as possible, it will have a longer shelf life. One last thing, after bait has hung for 5 mins or so take a brush and absorb the drip at the bottom. This is a good time to clear eyes/holes.
  3. If you need to make some non crimped hooks work, you could try wrapping a small amount of wire on the shank in the same way you would lay a bed of thread for tying. Make sure wire is good and tight and crisscrossing, and only where lead will be. Just a suggestion as I have not used that mold. Hope this helps.
  4. I put a piece of press and seal(plastic wrap) between the jar and the lid, this prevents the lid from getting stuck to the jar. Also I will usually push some of the plastic wrap down in the jar to displace some of the open space when the jar starts getting low. Not sure that makes sense....picture a square piece of plastic wrap...set it centered on jar...push center down until just before it hits the liquid...fold plastic down jar...now put lid on and tighten. Hope that makes sense. The quart I got has last over a year now.
  5. Yes, it helps prevent the foam/bubbles. Anywhere there is a puddle or build up of the diamond coat you will get the bubbles. However as 21xdc has mentioned, if you thin the KBS with xylol/xylene you won't get the foam/bubbles.
  6. KBS is thin as water when fresh, and can be used without thinning. Over time it thickens....mine was aprox a year old before I felt the need to thin....I dip. If i was spraying it, I would have thinned sooner. The main thing to remember is if you get any pooling, be sure and remove drip/pool before drying or you will have bubbles in it when it dries.....just grab the drip with a paint brush a few minutes after dipping and you should be good...another thing to remember is do not use a turner like you would with envirotex or you will get bubbles. Just my opinion hope it helps.
  7. If you try it you will like! However you do not want to use a turner with it or you will end up with bubbles. Just let it drip off. You can brush it or dip it or spray it. Use xylene/xylol (spelling?) for thinning.....you don't have to thin but can like 20%. KBS is very thin however will thicken over time....but NOTHING like dick nite mcu. One coat is good, however you can recoat in about an hour. Very durable, very clear, outstanding clear coat. Does not surprise me that LPO is stocking it, it is perfect for lures.
  8. electric skillet works great for keeping hooks, wire forms, ect hot.
  9. X2 on the KBS diamond coat.......great stuff!
  10. For jigs the canisters are the way to go. Get those and the foodsavers at second hand stores for dirt cheap. Hose is usually missing but can be purchased online cheap enough(have to have the hose for the canisters). As for bags, cabelas are good quality and they often have them 50% off....I love the 8 x 24 inch bags for freezing salmon and steelhead fillets.
  11. kbs diamond kote has a matte finish, I have not tried it just saw it on their website.
  12. Another thing to mention, although co2 is NOT toxic, in large enough amounts it will displace oxygen so if you want to get technical co2 can kill you especially in confined spaces.
  13. If a 20 tank is lasting for months, then your breathing is putting more co2 in the atmosphere then using co2 for airbrushing. Let's not forget we all breath out co2. Plants love it! In return the plants give us oxygen.
  14. Cadman- I have the same thought every time I see one of those. Seems everyone has the opening facing the least ideal way. With the opening forward it would have less chance of losing swivel and blade. I would think it would fit either direction but I don't have the mold so I don't know, but curious myself about that.
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