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  1. I've heard of some people spraying WD-40 on their hard baits.
  2. Haha watermelon red flake is always a great color! Thanks for the reply.
  3. Yeah those do seem to be really popular with people these days, they are very pricey though. I looked at the ultra vibe craws and I will most likely order some this week. I like how they have a slender body and like you said the price is great!
  4. I used 3 drops of watermelon and 4 green pumpkin which made a dark rusty brown color. I did this with about a cup of liquid plastic. The color works perfect for my 702 craw mold.
  5. I've used baits with scent and without, to be honest I don't notice a difference with or without scent. The only thing I have noticed is how long a fish hangs on when it has your bait. Salted/ flavored is when they hang on longer than a plain lure. I've observed this many times because I fish really clear water and watch the fish take my bait. When I have a small bass hitting my lure, instead of hooking them I will just observe what they do with my lure. It really helps you better understand what your fishing for.
  6. Hi, was wondering if anybody has used the bass tackle Centipede, Flip grub, 540 creature, 532 creature or 543 creature? If so, has it performed well for you and caught a lot of fish? I'm asking this because I'm looking into purchasing one the molds for these.
  7. Baits 6 inches long and poured into a clay mold. Original lure design was handmade from clay.
  8. Green with black ribs and blue swirled pearl with white ribs.
  9. Yeah I really like the paca craw its just the darn claws are to thin. I will try molding a rage craw.
  10. Hmmm I guess I'll experiment too lol
  11. I ordered a single cavity 702 craw. Mad dads didn't look to bad I like the 3xl version.
  12. Okay thank you, I will just stick with the 702 craw then.
  13. I just ordered the 702 craw with an injection starter kit. I can't wait to get it! Do Berkley chigger craws work? If they do then I wouldn't mind getting that mold either if its worth it.
  14. Thanks for the reply. The 702 craw looks like the Yum F2 craw papi. I will keep that mold in mind. I also like the 720 craw is that one worth looking into?
  15. Was wondering what everybody's favorite craw soft plastic lure is. I would like to make a Plaster of Paris mold of a good craw. I have tried to mold a paca craw but had no luck due to the claws being to thin and not allowing enough plastic to fill them. Any replies would be appreciated.
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